10 Ways I Use My Instant Pot

Here are 10 ways I use my Instant Pot to make delicious, healthy food in far less time than traditional cooking methods.

10 ways I use my Instant Pot

I decided to share 10 ways I use my Instant Pot for those who might be kicking the tires on buying one and wondering if it is a useful appliance.

I bought this Instant Pot almost one year ago, and I am obsessed with it. Based on more than 16,000 postivie amazon reviews and myriad books, blogs, and websites dedicated to Instant Pot (IP) cooking, it seems that everyone is on the IP bandwagon. There is an updated model that was just released, but I am not sure what new features it has that the older ones don’t.

I have people ask me if I really use and love my IP, and the answer is a resounding “Yes” and “Yes!” I consider the IP one of my top 3 kitchen workhorses. Below are my 10 favorite ways to use the Instant Pot.

  1. Cook dry beans. I love to use the IP to cook dry beans (so much better than canned). I’ve cooked dried kidney beans for this yummy creole red beans & rice. I’ve cooked dried pinto beans, Northern beans, black eyed peas, and lentils, and they were all fabulous. Soaking isn’t required, although soaked beans do shorten cooking time in the IP.
  2. Boil eggs. I boil eggs often and love doing it in the IP. I simply place the number of eggs I need to cook in a steamer basket (I use this one), add one cup of water, and pressure cook on high for 5 minutes. It will take the IP about 5 minutes to build to pressure and then 5 minutes to cook. I let the pressure naturally reduce for 5 minutes after the cooking cycle completes, and then do a quick pressure release. This is around 15 minutes, total. IP boiled eggs peel very easily, much more so than stovetop cooked.
  3. Perfectly cook brown and white rice. I have and love this rice cooker;, and since I do lots of “big batch cooking,” I still use it often since I am likely using my slow cooker and IP for soups, gumbo, chili or such. But for those who cook occasionally, an IP can cook rice quickly and to perfection. I follow this method for white rice and this one for brown rice.
  4. Crispy Roasted potatoes. My pantry is never without potatoes, and these IP crispy roasted potatoes are a favorite side at my house. It is super easy to make these start to finish in the IP, from crisping them in EVOO with the saute feature to cooking them to tender perfection with the pressure function. One pan. One mess. One yummy side.
  5. Soup and chili. I love making this Minestrone soup from start to finish in my IP. I’ve also made several versions of chili in the IP, and the results were fantastic! The taste and consistency was just the same as the versions cooked long, low and slow in the crock pot. Even though the meat can be browned in the IP using the saute feature, I prefer to brown mine in a large skillet then add all the ingredients to the IP to cook.
  6. “A mess of greens.” I love cooking fresh greens~turnip, collard, mustard and kale~in the IP. It is SO much easier than any other method, and the greens turn out perfectly cooked and flavorful every time. Here is my IP method for cooking greens if you want to try it for yourself.
  7. Steel Cut Oatmeal. The IP method of cooking these healthy oats is far easier than the stovetop or microwave. I’ve had microwave overflow more times than I care to remember, so I am thrilled to have the IP option. I follow the recipe from my plant based family, and I top the oatmeal with fresh blueberries, finely diced walnuts, and maple syrup. #healthyandhearty #fiberfortheday
  8. Cooking fresh chicken breasts. In less than half an hour, you can fully cook up tender, moist chicken breasts that are perfect for chicken salad, casseroles, or any other dish calling for cooked chicken. I follow Clean Eating Veggie Girl’s recipe, and the chicken turns out perfectly cooked every time.
  9. “Baking” whole sweet potatoes. Instead of baking, the IP actually “steams” whole sweet potatoes to soft, tender perfection in less than 30 minutes. This recipe from A Pinch of Healthy is the one I follow for IP sweet potatoes, and I’ve never had a fail. This is perfect for serving sweet potatoes as a side or making them for casseroles, pie or such.
  10. Steam squash & onions. I love making this squash casserole and this one. Boiling and steaming squash 10 ways I use my instant poton the stovetop is frankly a pain. Now, I take the quick and easy route by steaming the veggies in my Instant Pot. No boiling and no timer needed; the IP does all the work!

So there are 10 ways I use my Instant Pot. I love reading blogs and online tutorials to discover new and yummy things that I can make in this savvy kitchen appliance.

I’d love to hear from you if you have an IP and some IP recipes to share. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!