4 Favorite Drugstore Beauty Dupes

I want to share 4 favorite drugstore beauty dupes~products that perform just as well as their more expensive name brand counterparts but at more than half the cost.









I love sharing my 4 favorite drugstore dupes because they perform just as well as their more expensive counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. Since I love beauty products AND bargains, drugstore dupes really fire me up:-)

I’ll share my findings with the labels “splurge” and “steal.” As always, the products that I am sharing are all ones that I have tried, tested, and approved:-) I link to the products on amazon so that you can read reviews (which I heavily rely upon), but most of these products are also available in department stores or Sephora (splurges) and drugstores or Ulta (steals).


Splurge: The cult classic Nars blush in orgasm is a peachy pink with slight gold shimmer. Lightly pigmented, it goes on sheer and gives a hint of beautiful color. This blush is $30 and worth every penny to me, but for some, it might be a splurge. That is where the drugstore dupe comes in, so read on!

Steal: Milani Baked Blush in luminoso looks so much like my favorite shade of Nars but at a fraction of the cost ($less than $7). I put both blushes on my arm to show how similar they look on my skin. Although the Nars is a smidge lighter and has slightly more shimmer, they are so close that I consider the Milani an acceptable and budget savvy dupe.


Splurge: MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot is a cream shadow that comes in multiple colors.

favorite drugstore beauty dupesThe lighter colors are often used as eyeshadow base or primer. The shadows are $22 each and can be purchased at MAC stores and department stores that carry MAC products. I’ve used these paint pots in Bare Study (a great neutral), Perky, and Painterly (both pink/rose colors). These are great cream shadows, but I’ve found similar ones that work just as well for less than half the price……

STEAL: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour cream eyeshadow is my favorite drugstore dupe for the MAC paint pot. Iuse Barely Branded as an eyeshadow base; I put it over my entire eyelid before applying other shadow. It is a wonderful primer that helps eyeshadow last longer during the day, and it is a very soft neutral with a hint of shimmer.

The “Barely Branded” color is my favorite dupe for MAC “Bare Study. ” For the pink MAC paint pots in “painterly” and “perky,” I use the Color Tattoo in “Inked in Pink.” The Color Tattoo pots are a mere $7 each and can be found in drugstores, grocery stores, and here on amazon.


SPLURGE: Becca Backlighting Primer Filler is a slightly luminous foundation primer that for $38, does a great job of providing a glowy base for makeup. For those of us with dry skin, the primer does a great job of providing an almost “slick” base over which to put foundation.  I’ve used this product and give it 5 stars, but it is pricey, especially when there is a much less expensive option that works just as well. Enter……the ELF alternative…


favorite drugstore beauty dupesSTEAL: ELF Studio Hydrating Face PrimerI LOVE this face primer and have it in both the hydrating (which is clear and not luminous) and the luminous (which is a light tan and has slight shimmer). My face is super dry, and this primer gives my skin a great “slip” that feels silky and smooth. The luminous primer does give a slight shimmer to skin, so I primarily use it for evening.

ELF products are sold in Target, in some drugstores, and here on amazon for less than $6 per bottle. If you aren’t convinced, read the more than 800 glowing amazon reviews which made this amazon’s #1 selling face primer.


With summer and short sleeves around the corner, self tanner is a must for those of us with fair skin who want a bit of color. I’ve tried two products, both equally effective, but very different in price. Read on….

SPLURGE: St. Tropez Sunless Mousse is an excellent, very popular sunless tanner. Sold along withthis applicator mitt, it costs close to $30 for both. Does it work? Yes! You can read the more than 1,000 positive amazon reviews. But is there a cheaper alternative? YES!!! Read on…..

favorite drugstore beauty dupesSTEAL: St. Moriz Sunless tanning mousse.. You can buy the mousse and the mitt here on amazon for less than $10 and free shipping.

I purchased my St. Moriz at Ulta along with an Ulta applicator mitt. I used a $3.50 off coupon, so I spent roughly $15. I use this every few days in warm weather, and it is wonderful. It dries quickly, has a great color, and has no offputting smell.

There you have it~4 of my fave drugstore beauty dupes! If you try any of these, please let me hear what you think. If you have any beauty dupes to share, we’d love to hear about them! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!