About Joe Beam

Joe Beam is an internationally-known speaker, author and respected marriage and relationships expert. He is currently completing research studies for a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, with an emphasis on sexology, at The University of Sydney.

In 1994, Joe founded Family Dynamics. He currently serves as Chairman of Marriage Helper, Inc.  a not for profit corporation dedicated to improving marriages. He has spoken in person to millions of people worldwide as has appeared on television and radio, including ABC's Good Morning America, Focus on the Family, the Montel Williams Show, NBC's Today Show, The Dave Ramsey Show, and The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Joe's articles have circulated worldwide.

Joe's intensive seminar for troubled marriages, Marriage Helper 911, is regarded as one of the most successful resources for saving marriages. The success rate for couples in crisis who attend the seminar and choose to stay together is 3 out of 4. Joe and his wife Alice consider it their mission to make this statistic 4 out of 4.  Joe and Alice reside in Nashville, Tennessee.


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