Debra Hewitt Designs: Faith Expressed Through Art


Debra Hewitt Designs

Debra Hewitt Designs

I love sharing stories of those who use their gifts and talents to bless others. One such person is my dear friend who creates absolutely beautiful art but who never takes an ounce of credit for what has become a full-time and thriving business.  I recently visited her basement workroom to take a few photos so that I could share her story on Family Savvy.

Debra Hewitt, the lovely face behind Debra Hewitt Designs, still shakes her head when asked about the popularity of her art. Pointing upward, her answer is always the same. “It’s God. He gets ALL the glory.” Never having had an art lesson in her life, Debra will assure you that anything lovely that is borne from her basement workroom is God-directed and God-inspired.

A native of Oxford, Mississippi, Debra grew up surrounded by lovely homes filled with antiques and art which developed in her an appreciation for beautiful things and the sentiment attached to them. As a young girl, Debra watched her mother, a self-taught artist, paint and express her style on canvas. Today, Debra is doing the same. She is now 10 years into her own journey of expressing her faith through art.

Debra with son Peyton & daughter Maggie

Debra with son Peyton & daughter Maggie

From crosses to angels to church steeples and more, Debra’s art evokes a sense of serenity and faith. Store owners have told Debra that some customers will stand, bibles in hand, and look up the verses inscribed on the back of various pieces of her art. This, according to Debra, is the reason she loves what she does – for the meaning behind the art and the blessing that she hopes to impart to each person who owns a piece.

Debra is a firm believer in blessing others through the proceeds of her work. Through the JH Ranch Giving Tree, Debra makes a difference in the lives of others by providing a ranch experience that they might not otherwise enjoy. Thankful for what JH Ranch has done for her own family, Debra is passionate about helping provide the same experience for others.

More samples of Debra’s art can be seen on Debra Hewitt Designs Facebook page. Debra will take custom orders as her schedule allows. If you are a Family Savvy reader and want to make a request for Debra, feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to pass along your information to her.

Image 12Debra Hewitt’s art is available in the following stores:

Birmingham, Alabama: Lambs Ears & The Blue Willow

Mobile, AlabamaFive Gold Monkeys- Lamberth- Lyle

Natchez, Mississippi: A Gallerie

Decatur, Alabama: Chelden’s

Knoxville, Tennessee: Perpendicular Designs located in Southern Market

Collierville, Tennessee: Brooks Collection

Lebanon, Tennessee: Cox’s Gifts

Ridgeland, Mississippi: Southern Accents

Canton, Mississippi: Noble Watts Jewelers

Destin, Florida: Smith Antiques_ Fleurish 30A