Differentiating Between The Two Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oils

distinguishing between two Kirkland EVOO'sWhen shopping at Costco, you might find two Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive oils. Although labeled the same, there are some important differences.

In a previous post, The Best Olive Oil in Town? You May Be Surprised!, I mentioned an extensive study which pointed to Kirkland Signature EVOO (found at Costco) as one of the best extra virgin olive oils around and one that it truly extra virgin (many that were labeled as such were not).

Since there are two Kirkland signature EVOOs, I feel that a bit of clarification is in order. Although both are extra virgin, excellent quality, and a fantastic bargain, they would best be used differently.

A manager at Costco explained to me that the slimmer bottle on the left, with “toscano” on the label, is a higher quality that would be used for drizzling on salads or as a dipper for bread. The bottle in this photo indicates the olives were harvested in October/November 2012, and the oil has a maximum acidity of .5%. The bottle on the right is a true extra virgin and a good olive oil, but it is best suited for cooking rather than tasting.

Since the smaller bottle is better quality, I have decided to just buy it and use it for everything. It is such an integral part of my cooking routine that I am happy to pay more for better quality.


I recently drizzled the “toscano” EVOO over sliced tomatoes, along with my favorite favorite balsamic vinegar, sea salt, & ground pepper. The taste was outstanding-better than any bottled dressing that I have ever used. Pardon the paper plate; my blog is obviously more for information than for excellent photography!:-)