Differentiating Between The Two Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Costco has one of the best EVOO’s in town, but careful reading of labels is necessary when shopping for this gem of an EVOO. 

distinguishing between two Kirkland EVOO's

Since there are two Kirkland signature EVOOs, some might get confused (as I once did) as to how they are different. Although both are extra virgin, good quality, and a significant bargain, they are different in several ways.

A manager at Costco explained to me that the slimmer bottle on the left contains a higher quality EVOO that could  be used for tasting, for drizzling on salads, or offered as a dipper for bread. This higher quality EVOO will be in the slimmer bottle and will have the word “Toscano” on the label.

The bottle on the right is another Kirkland EVOO. Although it is a good quality oil, it is not as high quality as the other Kirkland. It is best used for general cooking rather than in tasting.

I love the Kirkland Toscano, but occasionally Costco will be out of it. In those cases, I buy the more expensive but equally good Colavita EVOO. Available at most grocery stores, Colavita received a recommended rating from Cook’s Illustrated taste tests.