Dog-Friendly Stores in Birmingham

This list of dog-friendly stores in Birmingham shares places where dogs are not only allowed, but welcomed with open arms (and an occasional puppy treat:-).

Update: This list of dog-friendly stores in Birmingham was originally posted last year, when I tested the dog-friendly stores at The Summit with my goldendoodle Cam. This updated post includes some additional stores not previously listed.

dog-friendly stores in Birmingham


The Summit of Birmingham loves and welcomes dogs. This is good-to-know info for those of us who for whatever reason occasionally want or need to take our dog along on a shopping trip!

The Summit has a dog-friendly initiative which has been embraced by most of its stores. From water bowls to dog biscuits to “relief stations,”  dogs are being welcomed into the shopping experience in a big way.

dog-friendly stores

The official list of The Summit’s dog-friendly stores is below, most of the stores can be easily identified by one or both of the following: 1) A paw print decal on the bottom of the store’s entrance (see photo at left) and 2) a large water bowl outside the door (see the Orvis water bowl and paw at left).

Even if you don’t see the decal or the bowl, that doesnt’ mean the store isn’t dog-friendly. Some stores that don’t have those are still dog-friendly, so check out the list to be sure!

The following photos are of just a few of the stores at The Summit where I took my Cam on a shopping trip. Trust me; the stores who are dog-friendly really ARE dog friendly! I’ve often spent at least half an hour longer in a store just chatting with others who come up and ask to pet Cam and then share about their own pets. Dog lovers make quick friends:-)

dog-friendly stores in Birmingham


So, here are some pics from my first “trial run” of several of The Summit’s dog-friendly stores! I was actually quite nervous (and a bit embarrassed) at first, but that ended quickly when I saw how genuinely hospitable most folks were to Cam.

First stop~Kendra Scott.

Notice the dog decal on the door (to the right of Cam). They also had a water bowl; it just didn’t make the picture.

dog-friendly stores in Birmingham

We walked into Kendra Scott and were immediately greeted warmly by all the girls who worked there. The girl in the blue sweater asked, “What is his name?” and “Can he have a doggie treat?” It was so sweet.

Cam was a perfect gentleman and loved being in a cool store. He drank from the Kendra Scott water bowl, ate his treat, and sat quietly while I bought the earrings that I needed.




dog-friendly stores in Birmingham





Next stop…..Belk.

Since Belk was nearby, I walked down to see if there was a paw on the door, and there was! So, Cam and I went in to look for a tie.

dog-friendly stores in Birmingham

dog-friendly stores in Birmingham



We found a tie pretty quickly (and it wasn’t us who made such a mess of the clearance table:-).










Then, we went to get a tie box from customer service. When I saw that Cam had jumped up on the counter, I immediately made him get down. This escapade prompted my rule for a tighter leash and the “must sit during transactions” rule:-)


On to Saks Fifth Avenue…….

Saks Fifth Avenue has long been known for being a dog-friendly store. There isn’t a paw or water bowl outside, but trust me, Saks is one of the dog-friendliest stores you’ll find.

Cam made two furry friends on this trip, and we even passed a third one coming in as we were leaving!

I had several folks come up and strike up conversation about Cam and/or their own dogs. This is always fun UNLESS you are on a mission or short on time. If you are one or both, it truly is best to leave Fido at home:-)

Below is the official list of dog-friendly stores and restaurants at The Summit for those of you who want to carry your pooch(es) along. Following the Summit listing, I’ve included some other stores that welcome dogs.

A List of Dog-Friendly Stores & Restaurants at The Summit

Alumni Hall
Banana Republic
Brooks Brothers
California Pizza Kitchen (patio)
Calypso St. Barth
Free People
Guest Services Office
Gus Mayer
J. Crew
J. Jill
J. McLaughlin
Kate Spade
Kendra Scott
Lilly Rain
Lilly Pulitzer
Lotus Boutique
Michael Kors
Mountain High Outfitters
North Face
Paper Source
Pieology Pizzeria (patio)
Steel City Pops (patio)
SugarBoo & Co.
The Art of Shaving
The Fitting Touch
Urban Cookhouse (patio)
Urban Outfitters
Vineyard Vines
West Elm
White House Black Market
Zoes (patio)

A Few Other Dog-Friendly Stores 

The following stores also welcome dogs. (This list is not exhaustive. I’d love to hear from those of you who know of other dog-friendly stores not mentioned here.)

  • Soca and Soca Girl Clothing (Homewood)
  • At Home (Homewood)
  • Penzey’s Spices (Homewood)
  • Lowe’s
  • Home Depot
  • King Cotton (Green Springs)
  • Preserve Paints (280 Ben Moore paint store)
  • Acme Brick (Pelham Parkway)
  • Inline Lighting (Pelham)
  • VW Supply (Pelham)

I hope this post is helpful to my Birmingham friends and their dogs. A well-groomed and well-behaved dog really can be fun to take along, as it usually helps you meet new friends wherever you go.

If any of you have names of stores~in Birmingham or elsewhere~please leave them in comments of this post. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!