French Onion Brown Rice: Easy, Delicious & Make Ahead!

Update: Since the original post, I’ve retired my old Aroma rice cooker (white) and upgraded to the new and savvy stainless version:-)

French onion brown riceFrench onion brown rice is the BEST brown rice ever. Loaded with rich, beefy onion flavor, this good-for-you grain will become a family fave!

Growing up, I thought that “brown rice” was that rice you could always find at a church potluck or family reunion. Often called “rice casserole,” or “dirty rice,” it was brown in color, but it was simply white rice with tons of butter and a few cans of soup. It wasn’t healthy, but my~it was delicious.

After pondering the yum factor of the old fashioned rice casserole, I decided to try my hand at using some of the same seasonings for a healthier version using brown rice. Here is what I came up with, and it is one of my family’s favorite sides.

This recipe has all the fiber and nutrients of brown rice along with the flavor of the old fashioned rice casserole. Because the flavor does come from beef consommé and onion soup, I call this recipe French Onion Brown Rice. I am happy to share it with you in hopes that your family will love it as much as mine does.

Cook’s note: This recipe uses a rice cooker, so for those who don’t have one, simply adapt this to your cooking method.  I’ve used this Aroma rice cooker for so long that I don’t even remember how to make rice any other way!

I bought mine at Costco, but the same one is available here on amazon for those who aren’t Costco members. This is the best investment you’ll ever make if you are a rice lover:-)

French Onion Brown Rice: Easy, Delicious & Make Ahead!
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  • plain brown rice (not instant or quick cooking)
  • beef consommé (beef broth can be used but is not as rich)
  • Lipton dry onion soup
  • 2-3 TB butter, melted (I sometimes use EVOO instead but the taste isn't "buttery")


  • For 6 cups of brown rice, put 3 cups brown rice into the cooker insert.
  • Add the beef consommé, onion soup, and melted butter. F
  • ill water to the #3 line marked inside of the rice cooker insert.
  • Put the insert into the cooker, stir rice well, and close lid.
  • Press "delay timer" once for every hour that you want to wait until rice is fully cooked. (If you want rice ready to eat in 4 hours, press delay timer 4 times).