Make Your Own “Emi-Jay” Hair Ties



I stumbled upon a wonderful blog by two Birmingham gals and in the process discovered how to make knock-off Emi-Jay hair ties! Saving Money Living Life gives a tutorial on how to make the ties and links to Pamper Your Princess, the Etsy store that sells the ribbon.

For those of you in Birmingham who want to search locally for the ribbon, let me save you some time.  I searched pretty much all over and couldn’t find solid colored 5/8″ elastic ribbon. Hobby Lobby carries the double ruffle elastic ribbon, but it is not what you want if you are trying to duplicate the real Emi-Jays.

DIY Hair Ties

The Etsy supplier is great. I have ordered ribbon twice, and each time I have gotten it in a less than a week.

My first order was for the giraffe and zebra patterned ribbon. This ribbon doesn’t make the best ties, as one side is solid white. They just don’t look great made up.

The next order that I placed was for the neon and beige ribbon. These hair ties turned out beautifully, and we made a big batch for pennies per tie! My girls are so excited, and so am I. Being able to make these is a huge money saver.

My daughter Jud has made most of the ties, and she followed the 12″ pattern in the tutorial at first, but we found those ties too big. She now cuts our ribbon into 10,” and the ties are great. They are a tad snug on the wrist at first, but with time, they definitely stretch.


Here’s to super easy, super thrifty accessorizing! Let me know if you make these hair ties and how they turn out!