Mom’s Night Out: Ticket Giveaway & Movie Review

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My review of Mom’s Night Out is below. I LOVED the movie and can’t wait to see it again. I’ll be there–May 9th–and hope to see you there!

Most of us moms have moments when we feel like we’re “riding on the crazy train.”  Varying degrees of chaos are just part and parcel of raising children. Similarly, the tension between wanting to be attached to our kids at the hip and occasionally wanting to hide from them (as in a closet) are a natural and humorous part of motherhood. When gifted cinematographers take this subject matter, combine it with a stellar cast, and have the backing of TriStar (a Sony company), a box office success is bound to result.

Moms’ Night Out does a magnificent job of painting a comedic picture of the lovely pandemonium of motherhood.  Moms everywhere will love this movie. They will feel validated, understood, and normal. They will leave feeling better about themselves as key players in the hardest and most important job on earth.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.50.35 AMOverview: Sara Drew masterfully portrays slightly neurotic, obsessive, and perfectionistic mom Allyson. Overwhelmed and feeling that she is losing her mind and her identity, Allyson just wants one thing–a night out with friends–no husbands, children, or cell phones. When that night finally arrives and the moms, dressed to the nines and eager to enjoy a few hours to themselves, soon learn that nothing is going as expected. In fact, things go downhill quickly in one chain of events after another.

Audience appeal Although Mom’s Night Out is definitely a movie that will appeal to women, it is not what I consider a “chick flick.” A full-fledged comedy, it has varied elements that will fully entertain young and old, male and female. It is fast-paced, action packed, and uproariously funny.

Setting: Most Birmingham, Alabama, residents will recognize many of the places and spaces of their hometown where this movie was filmed.  (My daughters and I were extras in a restaurant scene but only appear for a few seconds.) The varied backdrops–bowling alley, tattoo parlor, police station, church, dark alleys–provide variety and interest.

My rating: On a scale of 1-5, I give this movie a strong 5. My whole family attended, and all four of my family members rated it the same. We all thought it was hilarious and can’t wait to see it again when it opens in theaters. This is a huge indicator of how much we liked the movie, as we are not frequent movie-goers.

Family friendly factor: Moms’ Night Out hits a home run in this area, and it does so without appearing low-budget or boring. It is proof positive that movies can be fully entertaining without profanity, sexual innuendo, violence or a dysfunctional portrayal of family. The Christian elements in Mom’s Night Out (the characters are all church-going, Bible believing Christians) are not at all preachy or didactic. The film is rated PG for mild thematic elements and action.

Cast: This movie has a standout cast whose acting is top notch. Sara Drew is exceptionally entertaining as Allyson. Her character is lovable, adorable, highly animated, and supremely fun to watch onscreen.

Patricia Heaton plays a pastors wife and the oldest mom in the bunch whose own frustrations in parenting a teenager lead her to join in the moms’ night out.  Heaton’s performance is stellar, and she takes down the house in two scenes–one in the bowling alley and another in the police station. Without sharing any details, I can just say that her role in these two scenes had the whole audience guffawing.

Anjelah Johnson’s presence as supporting actress  is a pleasant surprise to those who know and love her performance in the viral You Tube video–Bon Qui Qui at King Burger. Her character in Moms’ Night Out is a “sophisticated” version of Bon Qui Qui. Johnson, hostess at the fancy restaurant where the moms have dinner reservations, is once again the nemesis to customers wanting a pleasant dining experience.  The “complicated reservation” scene  that ensues is one of the funniest in the movie, and Johnson’s role makes it doubly entertaining.

Conclusion: Moms’ Night Out is a top notch movie and a must see for anyone looking for quality whole family entertainment without an ounce of offensive elements. It opens May 9th-Mother’s Day weekend, and I can’t think of a better way to treat mom than dinner and this movie.  You’ll be highly entertained, and you’ll laugh–a lot. For more information on Moms’ Night Out, visit the official site,