“The Song” Movie Review

The Song Movie Review

The Song, a modern day adaptation of Song of Solomon, debuts in theaters on September 26th. Produced by Samuel Goldwyn Films and City on a Hill Studio, the movie is a dramatic and powerful depiction of love, passion, and the quest for a life of significance.

Executive producer Kyle Idleman (author of Not A Fan) makes no apologies for what one viewer called the “sexiest Christian movie” he had ever seen. A pastor who has taught extensively from Song of Solomon, Idleman believes that scripture is the best source for learning about sex, love, and relationships. Author and relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley states that The Songhonestly portrays what is good and messy and even sexy in marriage, better than any faith-based movie I’ve seen. You’ll see people you know–even yourself–in this story of real-life consequences, and grace.

Filmed on location in Nashville and Kentucky, the movie traces the journey of Jed King (Anthem Lights‘ Alan Powell), the son of a musical legend whose life ended in moral failure. Determined to do better, Jed commits to a life of faithfulness to God and his wife Rose (Ali Faulkner of Twilight:Breaking Dawn). But Jed’s resolve is tested when fame, travels, and a beautiful but brazen female singing companion (Caitlin Nicole) bring him face to face with temptations that nearly destroy him just as they destroyed his father.

For parents who wonder whether to allow kids to view this movie, I suggest reading detailed reviews from family friendly sites such as pluggedinonline. My husband and I are comfortable with our daughters (12 and 16) watching this with us and engaging in meaningful discussion afterward.  City on a Hill ministries has developed numerous resources and study guides for use with families and small groups.

My rating: I give The Song an absolute thumbs up~a 10 on a scale of 1o. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and plan to see it again as soon as it hits theaters. I loved the music (here is a free download of The Song), and the storyline kept me captivated. I consider this one of the best movies~faith based or otherwise~ that I’ve ever seen.

For more information, visit thesongmovie.com, and view the official trailer below.