My Christmas Decor 2016

I want to share a few photos of my Christmas Decor for 2016, with tips on how we made our home festive by using much of what we had and staying on a budget.

To begin with, my home is simple~not fancy~as is my holiday decor. I am sharing these photos because I had to take them anyway (see next paragaph) and because I hope that some of you might find it enjoyable (and perhaps get a few ideas along the way).

My Christmas Decor 2016

Lisa Lester

My sweet friend Lisa Lester helped me with my Christmas decor and tablescapes this year, and I will be booking her from here on out. She stays busy decoratoing year round but is in especially high demand during the holiday season. She helps make Christmas decorating come together for those of us who lack the time (or in my case the talent) to do it alone.

This is the first year I’ve used Lisa, but I will be booking her every Christmas from this point forward. We host several parties during December, and having her to help pull things together is priceless. If you are in Birmingham, she is a wonderful resource if you ever need help decorating or getting ready to host a party or event.

After Lisa helped me pull things together, she told me to take photos of everything we did~from small to large~and send her pics. She keeps a file of all clients’ decor from year to year so she can know where to replicate and where to update.

This year my decorating was on a shoestring, so to speak. My trees are both very old, with blown lights and less than fluffable branches. BUT….Lisa’s fluffing got me through this year. Tree shopping is on the list for 2017:-)

Note: Had Lisa been given free reign and a huge budget, she could have created a showstopping holiday home, I am sure. But she did what we asked her to do~use what we had and work on a budget. So what you’ll see is just that. Sweet. Simple. Home sweet home:-)

Christmas trees: I always put up and decorate my trees a few days before Thanksgiving, so my trees are artificial. My main tree will go to the street this year after 8 years of faithful service! Lisa made it go out with a bang by filling it with lots of ribbon, adding more lights, and topping it with sticks.

My Christmas Decor 2016

Ribbon: Bought entire spools at Southeastern Salvage for $1.75 per spool. This was an “accidental find” as are most crazy deals at S.Salvage. You happen upon these closeouts when shopping for other things. I bought tons of ribbon, and Lisa made all of my bows.

Ornaments: Collected over the years.

Topper: The white sticks were in my closet; I bought them years ago at Dorothy McDaniel Florist in Homewood, AL. The glittery gold sticks came from Hobby Lobby.

Tree skirt: A piece of scrap fabric left over from a coverlet years ago.

Ornaments: All sizes of gold and metallic ornaments came from Hobby Lobby.

Dining Room 

I decorate my tables and leave them this way during the entire holiday. Since I do use them for entertaining, I always have seating for 16 (two tables of 8).

My Christmas Decor 2016

My Christmas Decor 2016

My Christmas Decor 2016

Gold metallic tablecloth: Home Goods

Christmas Card Tree

This tree sits in the dining room and is home to all the Christmas cards that we receive during the season. It is plain and simple, with just a bit of ribbon and assorted ornaments.

Glass hurricanes: Home Goods, T. J. Maxx & Tuesday Morning

Flameless Pillar Candles: I bought Luminara flameless candles here on amazon. Pottery Barn flameless are made by Luminara, and these look just like the Pottery Barn candles but are not quite as expensive (unless PB has a really good sale). Mine came with remotes, but I don’t use them).

Reindeer Candleabra: I have two of these that came from Pottery Barn more than 10 years ago. I’ve spray painted them myriad times since. They were silver when I bought them and were all the rage at the time.

Reindeer Candleabra candles: ivory votives from Hobby Lobby. I don’t burn them, as the wax would drip on the table. I simply burned them enough to char the wicks so that they look like I use them:-)

gold chargers: have had these for years

gold metallic mesh round place mats: I found these at Old Time Pottery and love them. They add a wonderful layer of gold under the chargers and were super inexpensive~roughly $1.75 apiece.

monogrammed napkins: I purchased thick, all cotton, white cloth napkins from Old Time Pottery and had them monogrammed with a 4″ single letter T.   NOTE:  If you monogram cloth napkins, use polyester thread. Any thread with cotton will fade (or turn purple) if bleached. Trust me; I learned the hard way.

Glass Hurricanes: I think these make any table stunning~any time of year. You’ll find glass hurricanes in Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and many home goods stores. I bought mine at the home goods stores listed above, but I had to make several trips. They would get a few in stock every week, so I had to shop until I got as many as I needed.

The hurricanes on my dining room table look just like ones from Crate and Barrel but for waaaaaay less money. I paid roughly $8 to $12 per hurricane.

Ornament wreath on mirror: I made this wreath using Dollar Tree ornaments. Read about it here.

Dining Room Buffet:

My Christmas Decor 2016

White Pottery Bowl: Lamb’s Ears in Crestline

Glitter Christmas Trees: At Home in Homewood

Art: Debra Hewitt Designs my favorite art by a favorite girlfriend.

Kitchen Table

My Christmas Decor 2016

My Christmas Decor 2016

mercury glass pillar candle holders: I made several trips to Home Goods to find enough of these to have 5 of varying heights. I love the straight sides, and I put real pillar candles in them (3 x 4 or 3 x 5 “). I actually burn these candles.

Mercury Glass Pillar Candle Holders: Home Goods. I love these and made several trips to H-Goods to get five that were varying heights. I love the straight, short sides; these are perfect for 3-4″ pillar candles. These were super reasonable~roughly $7-$12 dollars each.

Mercury votive candle holders: I grabbed these last year at Target for about $2 apiece. I love scattering them underneath taller candles. I put tiny flameless votive candles inside them so that I can burn them for hours without scraping melted wax from the insides. The light is a bit of an odd color orange, but from a distance, it looks great.

Gold bordered cloth napkins: These came from Home Goods. I bought several dozen in gold and silver.

Silver chargers: I found these at Old Time Pottery. They have a “J” initial on the middle, which is white, and a silver border They aren’t high quality, as when I scrub them, the silver comes off~LOL. But I paid $.75 apiece for them, so no biggie! They are strictly used to layer the place settings and should last a few seasons.

Mixing Metallics: Lisa said it is fine and actually on trend to mix metallics on the same table. On the kitchen table, we had a good balance of gold and silver, and it looks great.

Preserved Boxwood wreaths. I ordered these from Target. com. They are made for Target by Smith and Hawken. They are very reasonably priced. Lisa made the ribbons for them and hung them in the windows.

Magnolia leaves: I picked the leaves from my tree, spray painted them, and Lisa tucked them in various spots.

Bird with crown: I bought two of these little whimsical birds from Urban Home Market in Birmingham. The one on the kitchen table had a broken tail feather, but I hot glued it back on:-)


The mantle will be updated next year, using mostly live greenery.

My Christmas Decor 2016

flameless candles: Luminara from amazon

garland-the garland is years old, but I wanted to use it one last time before tossing. Lisa dressed it up with ribbon, fresh greenery, and magnolia leaves.

Tables in den:

My Christmas Decor 2016


glittery Christmas trees: At Home in Homewood

reindeer candleabra: Pottery Barn years ago

Thymes frasier fir scented candle: Gus Mayer (may buy on amazon)

hurricane: Home Goods

ornaments in hurricane: Dollar Tree

My Christmas Decor 2016

bird with crown: Urban Home Market, Birmingham

LOVE adornment: Tuesday morning

white bowl: Lamb’s Ears, Crestline

ornaments: Home Goods

Parlor Table:

My Christmas Decor 2016

white bowl: Lamb’s Ears, Crestline

NOEL adornment: Tuesday Morning

ornaments: Hobby Lobby

Guest Bath:

My Christmas Decor 2016
My Christmas Decor 2016

ribbon on mirror: made by Lisa

hurricane with ornaments: from last year

red glitter tree: At Home

monogrammed finger towel: Blue Willow, Cahaba Heights

Flocked tree: T. J. Maxx years ago

Mailbox wreath:

Lisa did a simple spray of greenery with ribbon. I didn’t have any filler or foam, so she had to work with what I had on hand. I think it looks great, though!

My Christmas Decor 2016

I hope you enjoyed seeing my rooms. If you have pics of your decorated spaces, please send them to me; I’d love to include them in this post! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!