Beautypedia Reviews: The “Consumer Reports” of Cosmetics & Skin Care


Update: I shared my all time favorite beauty resource over a year ago and felt it would be helpful to share it again for those new to Family Savvy.  I call this my “consumer reports” of cosmetics and couldn’t shop savvy without it!

Nearly 14 years ago, I bought a book that changed my life. Paula Begoun’s Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me turned me from a clueless shopper into a savvy one, and I have never looked back. This book opened my eyes to a truth about cosmetics and skin care products that enables me to be an informed consumer.

What is this revolutionary truth? Basically, cosmetics and skin care products should not be judged by name brand or price. Expensive does not necessarily mean better. Prestige cosmetics are not necessarily superior to drugstore brands. Excellent products can be found in ALL price ranges! Begoun, known as “the cosmetics cop” in the beauty industry, offers lab tests and results on most products on the market, enabling consumers to make beauty choices based on facts rather than advertisements or sales pitches.

I began researching beauty products for myself based on the thousands of product reviews done in Paula Begoun’s labs and posted in her book.  I bought every new edition of the book that was printed, highlighting and bookmarking pages and keeping a running list of products.  That was then…..

Beautypedia app

Beautypedia Mobile for iPhone


This is now…….goodbye cumbersome book. Beautypedia reviews are now easily accessible online or on a smart phone. On a computer, simply visit If you want the reviews easily accessible on your smart phone, beautypedia mobile is the way to go. For iPhone users, this is not an app that is available in iTunes. To learn how to put beautypedia mobile on your iPhone, click here for step-by-step instructions.

I consider this resource my “consumer reports” for beauty products. I have discovered wonderful products that are sold at Ulta or in drugstores that I love every bit as much as more expensive ones that I’ve used in the past. Although I still use some prestige brands, I have saved a ton by switching in some areas–specifically moisturizers, lipsticks, lip liner, and pressed powder.

A savvy and helpful feature of beautypedia mobile is the “My Faves” tab. Users can research products and bookmark favorites to easily access while shopping. I also love the “Best Products” tab that highlights products in every brand and price range that receive a best rating in lab tests. I never go into Ulta or Sephora without accessing this app.

So there you have it. My favorite and most trusted resource for all things skin care and beauty. If you love cosmetics and beauty products but also want to be a savvy shopper, this is a must-have resource. Check it out, and let me know what you think!