Red Land Cotton: Natural Linens From Farm to Bedroom

Red Land Cotton brings natural linens “from farm to bedroom” in their heirloom-inspired sheets and offerings made from Alabama-grown cotton and manufactured in the USA.

When my old and dear friend Cass Yeager told me that she was sending me a set of Red Land Cotton sheets, I was thrilled! She simply asked me to share my thoughts on Family Savvy, which I am honored to do. I LOVE that the Yeager family is using cotton from their farm to make local, sustainable, home grown products that are beautiful, functional, and made to stand the test of time.

The Yeager family has grown cotton for decades, but it wasn’t until their daughter Anna inspired them to pair art with agriculture that Red Land Cotton was born. I love the story as told by Anna and her dad, Mark Yeager, in this television interview.

Cotton from the rich red soil of Yeager Farm is woven into exceptional quality linens that hearken back to the days when sheets were made to last and to be passed down from generation to generation.

Red Land Cotton linens were inspired by a family matriarch’s bed linen passed down from the 1920’s. The original weave from the 1920’s piece was “reverse engineered” in an attempt to replicate its heirloom quality and construction, which is now available in two styles~ Red Land Classic and Madeline Gray.

Red Land Cotton natural linens

















I have the Red Land Classic in white. The sheets have a 3″ double hem stich and classic construction. The open weave, 140 thread count sheets are sturdy, clean and crisp. Unlike many high thread count or sateen sheets, these are breathable and all-night cool and comfortable.

Interestingly, cool, crisp, 100% cotton sheets “like grandmother’s” might take getting used to by those who’ve never slept on them, as they are more natural and “rustic” than mass marketed sheets.

Here is how I would describe my new RLC sheets:

  • Crisp and substantial feel….heavy~not flimsy.
  • “Rustle” and make noise when tossed or moved.
  • Strong and tight; fit firmly over mattress.
  • Get softer when washed (noticeable after 2 washes)
  • Wrinkly. I pull from dryer immediately to lessen wrinkles, but only ironing will remove them.

Bottom Line: I absolutely love my Red Land Cotton sheets and highly recommend them for anyone who appreciates quality and who wants something that if taken care of, can be kept in the family for generations. I’ve included some photos below of the sheets~from doorstep to bedroom:-)

Click here to read others’ reviews of Red Land Cotton sheets. If you try them, please let us hear your thoughts! As always thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!