Savvy Cleaning Tip: Dawn & Vinegar For Sparkling Shower Doors

IMG_2978Cloudy, dull shower doors are a thing of the past now that I have discovered the secret of Dawn & vinegar. This simple and inexpensive solution does what windex type glass cleaner cannot do; it cuts through the dreaded, cloudy soap scum.

There are all sorts of homemade solutions that claim to clean shower doors, but I have tried this and know that it works. The picture at left is what I have been using for weeks, and my bathroom will never be without a bottle of this solution! My shower doors have never looked better.

Here are a few tips for making the solution:

1) Measure out equal parts Dawn and white vinegar. As you can see in the photo, my Dawn is purple. Most blogs that I read specified blue Dawn, which I will try next; however, purple has worked great for me.

2) Heat vinegar for one minute in the microwave before adding the Dawn. I read that if done initially when mixing these two ingredients, it makes the solution more effective. When adding the two, shake well to combine.

3). Put the solution in a professional sprayer. I found a Zep professional sprayer at Home Depot, and it is far superior to any sprayer I’ve ever used.  It is sturdy, comfortable in the hand, and sprays a large surface area with each pull of the trigger.

4) Keep a bottle of this in the shower, and use it daily. I actually spray my doors each time that I step into the shower so that the solution does its magic while I shower. Before I get out, I wipe the doors down with my washcloth and rinse them well. The results are sparkly clean and clear windows! Note: if you do this while showering, there will be a strong vinegar smell. If this bothers you, just do it another time.

This newfound cleaning tip has made it so much easier for me to keep my bathroom looking and feeling clean. If you try this, let me know how it works for you!!!