Savvy Shopper Mantra: “Just Ask”

Following my savvy shopper mantra, “Just Ask,” has saved me hundreds of dollars and helped me snag great deals that were simply there for the asking.

If you’ll adopt the savvy shopper mantra, “Just Ask,” there is no telling HOW much you can save on purchases. Sure, coupon clipping and penny pinching work, but the asking technique can often lead to big savings~on the spot.

Two recent scenarios prove why “Just Ask” can be effective. Both are personal examples of how I saved hundreds of dollars on two purchases, just by asking.

Example 1: a white cowhide. I’ve needed a rug in my parlor forever, and I found a white cowhide on Wayfair for $400 (reduced from a much higher price). I ordered it, and was very pleased at its quality when it arrived. But…..there was an interestint glitch: there was a brand on the rug. (Real cow. Real cowhide. Real brand.)

I talked to my friend who decorates, and she thought the brand actually added character. (It was a real cowhide, and my cow just happened to be branded:-). She suggested that I call Wayfair to see if they might offer a discount.

I called a Wayfair representative, emailed him photos, and just asked what Wayfair might do about the slight inconvenience of having a brand on my rug. The rep asked me if $100 off would make it worth my while, and I said yes! Since I loved the rug anyway, that was a win-win solution for me. And all it took was a phone call, a few emails, and a question!

Example 2: a sofa. I found a novel sofa at Home Goods that I really liked and could use in my upstairs office (which has been bare~no furniture~for months). The sofa was marked down from $999 to$600. I found a worker and “just asked” if any further markdowns might be on the horizon.A store manager came over with her scanner, and she scanned the sofa. It immediately dropped $200 to $400!! I snagged it immediately! She told me that she was doing markdowns but just hadn’t gotten to my sofa yet. Had I bought the sofa BEFORE she marked it down, it would’ve been $600. The register doesn’t recognize markdowns unless they have been manually changed on the ticket.

So…..I have two products that I really love and that I saved $300 total on by just asking about discounts! How cool is that?

If you have a story of huge savings by following the “just ask” mantra, please tell us about it! Great deals and huge savings are worth sharing:-)

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!