Sculptra: Round 2 From a Doctor & Patient Perspective

Sculptra: Round 2 From a Doctor & Patient Perspective is the second post in a series which follows my sculptra process from start to finish and gives an inside look for those considering the process themselves. 

Sculptra Round 2~Dr. Jo

This post follows Jamie’s second round of sculptra injections. (Click here to read Sculptra: Round 1.) In addition to capturing some of the process on video, we also discuss cost of treatments and comparison to other fillers.

Dr. Jo Herzog dermatologist Family Savvy

Jo Herzog, MD

As we have said in the past, Sculptra is process, not just a procedure. The results are best when this is done in a series, so we can see how much volume has been gained and how much more is needed before injecting the next round. It takes about six weeks to see the full effect of prior injections, so I like to space sculptra rounds six weeks apart when convenient for the patient.

Cost and comparison of sculptra to other fillers are common questions that patients ask, so I decided to address these questions below.

“How much does Sculptra Cost?”  Currently, sculptra is $750 a vial. I usually give my patients a discount of $100 on the second and third vials. Since my price for sculptra has increased, and I have not passed this increase along to my patients, this discount may not always be an option. This is something to be discussed at the time of consultation.

“How many vials os scultpra are needed for the best results?” As wtih any cosmetics procedure, this can vary from patient to patient. During the consultation, I can typically give patients a general idea of how many vials needed.

“Why choose sculptra over other less expensive fillers? Sculptra gives you the most volume for the money. It builds collagen (Voluma and Restylane fill but do not grow collagen) and lasts at least two years. I would not wait for deals, as the price has gone up for the product, and you might experience a price increase instead of a “deal.” At this point, sculptra is the most cost effective filler for large amounts of volume.

Jamie has had 2 rounds and will need at least one more. Stay tuned to see how her process turns out and whether 3 rounds does the job for her. As always, feel free to email any questions you might have to Jamie via the contact form, and I will be happy to answer them.


Dr. Jo

Sculptra Round 2~Jamie

Prep: The prep for this round was the same as for round one. The nurse wiped my face with a strerile cloth, applied numbing cream, and gave me two bags of frozen peas. I held the peas on my face until time for injections.

jamie tarenceInjections: Dr. Jo injected the same areas as she did in round 1. As was my experience last time, the injections were not painful, only slightly uncomfortable. As is the routine, the nurse would massage areas right after injections to help distribute the filler and prevent lumps.

Post injections: This round of sculptra was the easiest yet for post injection experience. There was no jaw pain; in fact, there was no pain at all. Instead of the usual facial pain that is easily relieved with ibuprofen, my face basically just felt tight and puffy.Best of all, I did NOT bruise! This is literally a first for me. Dr. Jo calls me her worst patient (where bruising is concerned), and I typically bruise for 4-5 days post injection of any filler. The only thing to which I can attribute this is the fact that I took BruiseGuard as directed on the package. I took BruiseGuard for round 1 and had less bruising than usual, but I didn’t follow package directions. I took the pills after injections, and I also missed several doses. Based on my round 2 experience of no bruising, I will be using BruiseGuard every time I get filler and will use it as directed.

Looks as if we will do at least one more round of sculptra before we get final effects. At that point, I will post a before and after photo to show the difference sculptra made overall. I hope this series helps those of you who want to know what sculptra is, how it works, and if the process might work for you.

If you have questions for Dr. Jo, she is always happy to answer them. Simply submit them through the comments or contact form, and she will answer you quickly. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!