Want Shoes That Are Cute AND Comfy? Check Out These Brands……

If you want shoes that are cute AND comfy, check out these brands that I have tried, tested, and given my stamp of approval for cuteness and comfort!

Cute Shoes That Are Also Comfy? Check out These Brands

Chocolat Blue “Willow”

Who amongst us hasn’t fallen into the trap of “beauty is pain” when it comes to buying shoes? Is that pair that makes our feet LOOK fab but FEEL awful really worht it? I say absolutely not. There are shoe brands that place equal emphasis on cuteness, style and comfort, and I’m about to share with you my tried and true faves!

Shoe Shopping Rule of Thumb: If you are tender footed (as I am), you will need to be willing to invest a bit more into shoes than those who can wear anything. When it comes to wedges, pumps or any heeled shoe, very few inexpensive lines will have the cushioning or orthotic elements that grant all day wear.

The folllowing list is comprised of shoes that I have tried, own, love, and can attest to their all day comfort. When applicable, I link to each shoe style first on amazon, as it is helpful to read the reviews (and get prime shipping and free returns).

cute shoes that are also comfy

Gentle Souls “Joy”

Gentle Souls. This is a division of Kenneth Cole footwear that places emphasis on comfort. It is a higher end shoe but totally worth it if you insist on quality, style and comfort. Price point: $200ish

This “Joy” platform wedge is my fave shoe of 2016. I have it in black and taupe and have worn both pairs for almost every occasion~church, parties, sporting events, etc…..They go from casual to dressy and garner compliments every time I wear them. Gentle Souls are sold online in stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. In Birmingham, they are sold at Gus Mayer. More info can be found at KennethColeFootwear.com.




shoe brands that are cute and comfy

Chocolat Blu “White”

Chocolat Blu. Another brand that is equally adorable and comfortable is Chocolat Blu. This brand offers shoes that are trendy, stylish, and SUPER comfy! Like the Gentle Souls, these are a tad expensive unless you can snag them on sale. Price point: $$180-$200.

This brand comes in various styles~flats, boots etc…~but is best known for its fun and fashion foward wedges.  I have the Chocolat Blue Willow in black and brown. These wedges go with almost any outfit, and I can wear them all day without one ounce of discomfort. Fall styles are particularly fun, with wedges that cover most of the foot like the “White” style shown in the photo. These are too cute!!! More styles and info can be found on their website chocolatblu.com.

Antelope 859 in Make Up

Antelope 859

Antelope. Most shoe savvy gals have heard of and likely own at least one pair of Antelope shoes. This brand is easily recognizable by the fabric covered platform with straps which often extend partially over the wedge. These shoes are again a higher price but can often be found on sale. Price point: $180-$200

Antelope shoes typically have velcro straps, but some do have tradtional buckles. Antelope styles are marked by numbers rather than names. They are sold at boutiques and can also be found here on amazon and at antelopeshoes.com.



shoe brands that are cute and comfy

OTBT “Brookfield” Wedge

OTBT (Off the Beaten Track) shoes are designed for comfort and durablity with high quality materials and very sturdy soles. The styles often have cute & trendy touches such as an animal print strap or a metallic leather. These shoes have almost a cult following amongst college girls, as they complement almost any outfit, from dresses to shorts to jeans. Price point: average $120

Note: I personally don’t find OTBT as comfortable as the other brands, and the back strap on the Brookfield wedge slips off my heel when I walk. However, tons of folks think these are all-day comfortable, including my teenage daughters.

My girls have the OTBT Bushnell in gold and pewter, and the Brookfield in brown.

5 shoe brands that are cute and comfy

Nicole “Lively”


Nicole. The brown wedge at left is the “Lively” and is sadly no longer available. I had to include this shoe, as it is probably my favorite shoe of all time. It fits like a soft glove, is comfortable ALL DAY,  and goes with so many outfits. I cannot count how many times I’ve been stopped by someone asking where I got these. I got this pair at The Pants Store in Mountain Brook probably 6 years ago, and I am still wearing them (although they are a bit worn and ready to retire).

Even though the Lively is no longer available, Nicole does have other cute and stylish shoes that are great comfort and good quality. Check out the other styles at nicoleshoes.com. Price point: $80ish.


Naked Feet BardII

Naked Feet “BardII”

Naked FeetI first spotted this Naked Feet BardII at Gus Mayer in Birmingham and purchased it in black. They were so comfy and went so well with myriad outfits that I went back to Gus to buy the grey. They no longer had my size in the grey, so I found them online at musthaveshoes.com.

The raw edge of the leather on this particular style gives the shoes a fun, edgy look. The grey leather is unique, having a soft, almost metallic silver sheen. The black ones are suede and a bit dressier and more versatile.

These shoes are super comfortable, and I can walk in them all day. These go great with leggings, shorts and jeans. I’ve worn these all summer, and they still look brand new. More info on this brand can be found at NakedFeet.comPrice point: $150ish. 

So there you have it……my favorite brands of shoes that are as comfy as they are cute. I hope this helps those of you who struggle finding shoes that look AND feel good on your feet.

If you know of any cute & comfy shoes, please share the savvy info! If you try any of these shoes, please leave comments and let the rest of us know what you think. As always, thanks so much for stopping by! Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!