We Became Men: The Journey Into Manhood

We Became Men: The Journey Into Manhood, is a must-read for anyone who wants to inspire and guide young men into discovering their God-given masculine design.

We Became Men: The Journey Into Manhood

The road that a boy must travel to achieve true biblical manhood is definitely the one less traveled. In a culture marked by “gender confusion,” boys who lack a strong role model often have no idea what it looks like to be a man or how to go about becoming one.

Young men who travel this journey alone are most likely filled with fear and uncertainty.  They surely ask themselves, “What does it look like to be a man?”” and “Do I have what it takes?” Dr. Shawn Brower’s desire to answer these questions served as the catalyst to write a book devoted to this very topic.

We Became Men: The Journey Into Manhood was borne  from Brower’s passion in helping young men find their way from boyhood to manhood~and ultimately to their place in God’s kingdom. Ideally, every young man would have a dad or mentor walking the journey with him; unfortunately, this is not the reality for many. For those with no one to guide them, this book can inspire them with biblical truths and engage them in discovering their God-given masculine design.

Based upon biblical principles and illustrated with myriad personal examples, Dr. Brower delves into various aspects of manhood. A small sample of what is discussed includes the following:

  • Discovering masculine design requires riskadventure, and stepping out of comfort zones.
  • Boredom is a roadblock to masculinity that makes men easy targets for temptation.
  • Intentional steps must be taken to avoid becoming a “kidult” or a “bommerang” kid.
  • True masculinity is based on God’s design and reflects issues of the heart.
  • True masculinity involves sacrificial service and laying down one’s life for another.
  • The ultimate goal of a true man is to lead, serve, and influence the next generation.

Who should read this book?  Young men are the obvious audience and can use this book for guidance and inspiration on their own journey into adulthood. Grown men can answer the challenge to invest in the lives of other young men and to encourage them on their journey with words and actions that communicate “you can do it!” and “I believe in you.” Women can use this book as a springboard for sharing with their own children God’s design for masculinity and femininity. When God’s perfect design is made clear, the counterfeits of culture will fail to impress. Small group leaders can use this book for forming closely knit groups of young men who will read the book together, engage in the discussion and “rising higher” challenges, and travel the journey together.

I highly recommend this book and am grateful for men like Dr. Brower who speak words of truth that can shape our future generations. With the endless barrage of cultural nonsense surrounding gender, this book is a breath of fresh air and a solid, biblical roadmap that can benefit any young man in his journey into adulthood.

About the author: Dr. Shawn Brower has spent more than a decade coaching national-championship-winning soccer teams and being named Coach of the Year on both the national and state levels. He and his wife Shawn (same name) are parents of three sons and reside in Birmingham, Alabama, where he serves as principal of Briarwood High School. His books, We Became Men: The Journey Into Manhood  and The Huddle are available here on amazon and on browersbooks.com.