10 Easy Ways to Show Kindness & Gratitude

Here is a list of 10 easy ways to show kindness & gratitude to others that will make someone else’s day brighter and give YOU a happy boost as well.

I made this list of 10 easy ways to show kindness & gratitude to others because I need it as a reminder that it doesn’t take much time, effort, or expense to make someone else’s day.

Life is simply not easy for many, if not most, people. These people are everywhere around us. Thankfully, it is super easy to show kindness and gratitude to them.

I’ve learned from some of the best people I know that one of the keys to a joyful life is to show kindness and gratitude to others. What we give  comes back full circle, so it really is a win-win.

There are myriad ways to show kindness and gratitude. I’m sharing 10. And I’d love to hear from any of you who can help add to the list…..

10 Easy Ways to Show Kindness & Gratitude

  1. SMILE. This can be easy when MY day is ticking along as planned. The real test for me is to SMILE when lines are long (and slow), strangers are rude, or service is poor. I have to remind myself that SMILES should be unconditional and that they can make a difference in my day (and others’).
  2. ASK QUESTIONS. Instead of being on my phone while checking out, I try to ASK QUESTIONS and engage with the person behind the counter. I shudder at how many times I’ve stood in line with my phone to my ear or in my hand as if the person helping me didn’t exist. I really have made an effort to change this, and it makes ME much more joyful in the process.
  3. GIVE EVERY FACE A NAME. AND USE IT OFTEN. Most of use go places where we see the same faces time and again. Why not make a “game” of GIVING EVERY FACE A NAME and USING IT OFTEN. Most folks’ favorite word is their own name, so this is a great way to make most folks feel appreciated and respected.
  4. PAY IT FORWARD. Our church has cards printed with “Just a little something extra to show you that God loves you.” Our pastor has inspired so many of us to pay for folks behind us, leave HUGE tips, and any random acts of kindness when leaving these cards. He has shared story after story of people whose lives were changed (and some even saved) by simple acts of kindness that connected them with a person and a body of believers and ultimately, God.
  5. COMPLETE THE SURVEY. So many times, I’ve forgotten to fill out the survey that a cashier gives me and asks me nicely to complete. I now make extra effort to COMPLETE THE SURVEY for him or her, because that helps them out. It doesn’t take long, and it makes a difference.
  6. GIVE SHOUT OUTS. If the plumber, yard service, electrician, anyone, does a great job, it is SO easy to GIVE SHOUT OUTS on social media. I try to include the contact info for the person when I give a SHOUT OUT so that my friends won’t have to take time to call and ask me for it.
  7. ASK FOR THE MANAGER. When service has been great (or if you feel that someone who served you needs a morale boost), discreetly ask for the manager. Let him or her know how well the person served you, how well he or she represents the company, and how much you personally appreciate them.
  8. CHILL & ENGAGE.  I used to always be “on a mission” and darting in and out of stores, etc…When I started taking my dog Cam places with me, all of that changed. Dogs are people magnets that literally draw people to you. My Cam has taught me to slow down, CHILL, and ENGAGE with new people.
  9. PLANT A SEED. Simple words that we speak~especially to children~can germinate and result in a precious harvest one day. I recall hearing Oprah share how an older woman once told her what a pretty little girl she was” and how that stayed in her mind forever. This has motivated me to say simple but encouraging things to others, especially little ones. And especially little ones who I meet who look like they don’t hear much good at home. #heartbreaking
  10. SAY THANK YOU. We can train ourselves to say thank you easily and often. It really can become a habit or a game, to see how many folks we can genuinely thank in the course of one day. And if we have a smidge of extra time on our hands, we can say it by leaving a treat and a note. I left our FAB trash collectors goody bags recently; it took a whole of 5 minutes.

I hope these ideas inspired some ideas in many of you whom I KNOW are much better at doing these things than I am. If you would be willing to share ways that YOU express kindness, PLEASE leave a comment. We can all learn from each other. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed & savvy day.

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  1. Alston, thank you so much for always thanking me for my little tidbits! You are one of my biggest encouragers, and I appreciate you!! Have a blessed day!!!!

  2. Thank you Jamie! These are wonderful reminders. Thank you for bringing perspective to my day!! I am going to print this and tape it to my daytimer.

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