10 Gifts for Graduation That Most College Kids Will Really Use

Here is a list of 10 gifts for graduation that most college kids will really use and that are useful, practical, and perfect for guys or girls.

10 graduation gifts that most graduates will REALLY use









Since many of us are thinking about gifts for graduation, I decided to compile a list of practical, useful items that most college graduates would really use.

  1. For grads who will be taking cars to college, a AAA gift membership is one of the most practical gifts ever. We’ve had AAA for 20 plus years and can’t imagine being without it. We always use at least one (and often all) of our 3 included services (battery charge, lock out, and  towing). A basic memebership will provide your college driver with 24/7 roadside assistance. If car problems arise, her or she will simply make a call and wait safely in a locked car (in most cases less than 30 minutes) until help arrives.
  2. Another practical item that is sure to come in handy at some point is a fully stocked first aid kit.. This 100 piece kit is the #1 seller on amazon for a good reason; it has everything needed for minor emergencies and outdoor excusrions. Having everything from bandaids to aspirin to gauze can keep a graduate from making a trip to the drugstore at night or having to visit the infirmary.
  3. A Yeti 20-oz Rambler is an absolute must for any college student. Notthing keeps beverages hot or cold as long as a Yeti. Most kids likely have at least one Yeti but could use another. Personalized monograms are always special and can be ordered here for $10.
  4. To keep devices charged and ready, any graduate could use a Lumsing External Power Bank for smartphones and tablets. This handy dandy portable charger can juice smartphones and tablets (up to two smartphones simultaneously). It is sleek and can be tucked into a purse or backpack. Note: A wall adapter isn’t included, so you’ll want to buy one separately unless you want to recharge in your laptop ports.
  5. Speaking of devices, one of the most important is the laptop. Any college student with a Macbook would love the gift of a GMYLE MacBook Pro Case. The protective case fits 13″ MacBook Pros and comes in assorted colors.
  6. These cute, colorful shower slippers would be great for college bound grads who’ll be using community showers. These durable rubber sandals come in assorted colors, are fast-drying, and will keep feet from who knows what kind of bacteria swimming around!
  7. Any college grad who wants to stay fit and avoid “the freshman 15” would love the gift of a Fitbit Flex. The sleek device tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes. It can also monitor sleep quality (with included sleep band) AND has a silent alarm that wakes you (no one else in the room). Goals can be set and progress monitored and tracked by syncing with iPhone or most smart phones.
  8. One of the ultimate ways for a graduate to enjoy listening to his or her playlist in a dorm room or apartment is this Bose speaker. Available in several colors, it is compact, powerful, and plays music from any bluetooth enabled device.
  9. A wonderful way to drown out hallway noise is a HoMedics sound spa relaxation machine. It has 6 different settings with nature sounds (my faves are rain and thunder) to create one’s own space of relaxation and respite. Some models also feature a clock with alarm.
  10. Another option to muffle sound is a DOHM white noise sound machine. I have both the HoMedics and the DOHM. The DOHM offers one noise option~a wind/fan sound that can be turned to two levels. I think it is the best for pure “white noise,” while the HoMedics is best for those who want a variety of sound option.

Do you have other ideas for practical, useful graduation gifts? Send them my way, so we can share ideas! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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