10 Healthy Habits with the Highest ROI with Ellie Hiller

If you are tired of setting new health goals every January only to give them up by February, this episode is for you. Ellie Hiller of Vulcan Nutrition shares ten practical and sustainable habits that will have you reaching your health goals all year long.

Episode At A Glance:

In this episode of The SavvyCast, I am joined by my daughter, Ellie Hiller. Ellie is a certified nutrition coach at Vulcan Nutrition in Birmingham, Alabama. This week, Ellie shares about her Nutrition Counseling Program, as well as the ten healthy habits with the highest return on investment (ROI). By making these things a habit,  you do not have to exert an exhausting amount of willpower just to get them done each day!

Who Is Ellie Hiller? 

Before becoming a nutrition coach, Ellie received her RN/BSN from Samford’s Ida B. Moffet School of Nursing. Ellie describes her ideal client as anyone without a preexisting medical condition who wants to improve their health. She takes each client on a highly personalized journey to a lifestyle change that is effective and sustainable.

What Are The Ten Healthy Habits With The Highest ROI?

1. Focus on getting 10,000 steps a day, preferably outdoors.

2. Start drinking ½ of your body weight in ounces of pure water per day.

3. Eat as close to your ideal or actual body weight in grams of protein as you can per day.

4. Track a day or a week of the foods you eat for awareness purposes.

5. Go to bed and wake up roughly around the same time each day with a minimum of 7
hours of sleep.

6. Buy a fitness tracker and ignore the part about “Calories Burned” during a workout.

7. Buy a protein powder that you love.

8. Find your “tribe” when it comes to fitness. Find a fitness routine you love and find a
community of people who will help motivate you.

9. Optimally eat 800 grams of fruits and vegetables a day. Aim for at least a cup of
vegetables at 2 meals per day.

10. Set your intentions for the day.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

  • Connect with Vulcan Nutrition on Instagram: @the_vulcan_nutrition
  • Connect with Ellie Hiller on Instagram: @elliehiller
  • Vulcan Nutrition Counseling Program: Take $50 off the first month of the coaching rate if you say you heard about it through The SavvyCast! When filling out the contact form, simply enter “The SavvyCast” under the question, “Where did you hear about us?”

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