3 Foods that Will Help with Anti-Inflammatory Eating (& 3 Foods to Avoid) with Carolyn Williams

Author, dietician, and award-winning journalist Carolyn Williams joins The SavvyCast to share what three foods could be causing inflammation and the top three foods to combat it with! 

Episode At A Glance:

This week on The SavvyCast, Carolyn Williams joined me to discuss all things healthy eating! Carolyn is an author, dietician, and award-winning journalist. In this episode, Carolyn shares all about inflammation- from the items in your pantry that could be causing inflammation to the best anti-inflammatory foods. Additionally, Carolyn gives her best tangible tips and tricks for how to include more anti-inflammatory foods in your diet.

Who Is Carolyn Williams?

Carolyn Williams is an author, dietitian, and award-winning food and health journalist based in Alabama. She is also a busy mom of two who knows the necessity of having quick, healthy meal ideas. As such, she is always looking for — and then sharing – new recipes, cooking tips, and time-saving tricks to make getting dinner on the table quicker and easier.

Carolyn breaks down the latest news and trends when it comes to food, diet, and health, and loves being a trusted “go-to” resource when you need practical, yet research-based answers for you or your family. She believes eating and living well isn’t about perfection. Rather, it’s about doing the best you can with the resources you have, and she hopes her site gives you the tools to do just that for you and your family!

Three Foods To Include In Your Diet:

Three Foods To Take Out Of Your Pantry:

  • Highly Processed Foods
  • Gluten
  • Added Sugars

Questions Answered In This Episode:

  • How did Carolyn get into researching anti-inflammatory foods?
  • What was the inspiration for her cookbooks?
  • How do we know what processed foods are okay to eat?
  • What processed foods should we avoid?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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