8 Common Misconceptions About Faster Way to Fat Loss

Here are 8 common misconceptions about Faster Way to Fat Loss (from a FWTFL graduate who LOVES the FWTFL lifestyle)!

8 Common Misconceptions About Faster Way to Fat Loss

FWTFL is all about weight loss.

There is a difference between fat loss and weight loss. You can be thin and still have high body fat (I shared my story in this post). Although the FWTFL program will result in weight loss in most individuals (myself included), the path to weight loss is attained through eliminating unhealthy body fat.

FWTFL is a diet. 

There is no prescribed diet in FWTFL. Each person chooses his/her snacks and meals within the guidelines provided. There are no products (shakes, bars, pills) to purchase or any ongoing expenses in the program. Faster Way to Fat Loss is a lifestyle of heathy eating and exercising.

 FWTFL is all low-carb all the time. 

Carbs are a macronutrient that every body needs. FWTFL doesn’t advocate  eliminating any macronutrient.  Carb cycling encourages healthy carbs~in varying amounts~on different days (based on bio-individuality).

FWTFL exercises require a gym membership.

The FWTFL portal has tons of exercises online that don’t require a qym; most can easily be done at home with a few hand weights.  New to FWTFL: low-impact options for those of us who for whatever reason can’t do high impact.

FWTFL makes shopping and meal prep hard.

Actually, the opposite is true! I found that grocery shopping became easier because I focused on whole foods and healthy snacks. Because of this my bill went up a smidge (because healthier, fresher foods generally cost more); however, some of this was offset by a decrease in buying junk foods.

FWTFL is impersonal since it is online.

During my FWTFL, I felt like I had a personal coach. My coach Deanna gave direct feedback to all of us on our daily macros via the FB group and was available, accessible, and motivational during the 6 weeks. 

FWTFL means giving up my favorite foods.  

As with any healthy lifestyle choice~gym, eating strategy, fitness plan~rigidity is not necessary.  Special occasions and holidays are times to enjoy life, family and friends. The  FWTFL healthy lifestyle works beautifully on the “ordinary days” that add up to make a difference. 

FWTFL is hard to do if you have a busy schedule.

FWTFL, like anything, can be made super simple with a bit of planning. Meal prep can make weeknight dinners easy. Loading up on healthy snacks for your car, desk, or purse is another great idea for busy folks. 

Because I love everything that I learned in FWTFL and how great I feel now that I am living the lifestyle, I am recommending it to anyone who asks:-) FWTFL has coaches all over the country. In the photo below, I am with my coach (and very dear friend) Deanna. 

On that note, FWTFL is so much easier (and more fun), with a friend! FWTFL also has a men’s group, and Deanna will be leading one alongside her women’s group on April 29th. 

8 Common Misconceptions About Faster Way to Fat Loss


 I cannot recommend Deanna highly enough. She not only lives the lifestyle, she makes learning it/living it so much fun! Here are several ways to register:

If you have any questions about FWTFL or want to share your thoughts about it, please leave comments below. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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