A Doctor Shares Expert Advice About the Many Breast Surgery Options Available Today

This week on The SavvyCast, Dr. Ben Pearce talks about breast cancer awareness and the many surgical options women have today.

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Who is Dr. Ben Pearce?

  • Dr. Pearce received his undergraduate degree from Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, graduating manga cum laude from the honors college with a degree in Biology
  • He attended medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, completing rotational years in Huntsville, AL. 

  • Following medical school – he completed a 5-year surgical residency at Louisiana. State University in Shreveport, a Level 1 trauma center, which culminated in board certification. 

  • Following general surgery training – he completed a 3-year fellowship in plastic surgery at Vanderbilt University. 

  • While in Nashville – he trained under leaders in the field of plastic surgery.

  • He is currently practicing at Reveal Beauty. Find more information here.
Dr. Ben Pearce
Dr. Ben Pearce

Breast cancer awareness, prevention, and early detection.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so Dr. Pearce discusses various aspects of breast health~from the importance of early detection, self-exams, and mammograms. He delves into the factors of genetics and lifestyle, as well as the option many women choose for prevention~prophylactic mastectomies. 

 Key points discussed in the podcast.

-How to feel your breasts for any out-of-the-ordinary lumps. 

-When to begin getting mammograms if you are at an average risk

-How to know if you are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer due to family history.

-Habits that can increase breast cancer risk.

-The different stages of breast cancer.

-Information on the 5-year remission process.

-Information about mastectomies and reconstruction surgeries.

-Information about cosmetic procedures for women who want to increase or reduce their breast size.

-An overview of breast lifting and breast augmentation.     

Reveal Beauty The SavvyCast
Dr. Pearce and Dr. Clinton


Resources related to this podcast:

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