A Favorite Foodie Friend: Wine and Dine with Jeff

On this episode of The SavvyCast, I welcome a favorite foodie friend, Wine and Dine with Jeff, to discuss one of our favorite topics—FOOD!

Jeff is a prominent YouTuber who creates and shares a new, unique recipe each week. He has traveled the world and has learned different countries’ cuisines and wines through immersing himself in their culture.

wine and dine with Jeff
Jeff Macaravech~Wine and Dine with Jeff

What You’ll Find in this Episode:

  • How Jeff developed a passion for food that eventually led him to create Wine and Dine with Jeff.
  • Why Jeff left his home in Pennsylvania to live near the beach with his fur babies.
  • How Jeff studies food and wine from across the globe.
  • How Jeff develops recipes and creates cooking content for his YouTube channel.
  • A few of Jeff’s best cooking tips, tricks, and recipes.

Resources Related to this Episode:

Watch the podcast on video.

You can watch my episode with Jeff here on the Family Savvy YouTube Channel.

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