A Perfect Nude Lip: The Next Best Thing to Lip Injections

A perfect nude lip is the next best thing to lip injections for making small thin lips appear larger,  fuller, and more plump.

Nude Lip

Too Faced Naked Dolly











Last year, I blogged about how I consider a perfect nude lip the next best thing to lip injections. I also shared the products that I use to get the perfect nude lip.

Since these products are still my faves, I’m sharing the post again, along with a few updates from last year.

lip injections

Lip Injections Update: Since last year’s post where I bemoaned the pain of getting fillers, I finally had lip injections done with a dental block. My dentist did the block (his office is literally a mile from my home), and I drove immediately to Dr. Jo’s office for the injections.

The block worked 100%; I felt zero pain!! It was amazing!!!  Note: Dr. Jo isn’t a fan of dental blocks before injections, as they can cause the mouth to distort. Thankfully, mine didn’t, so the process went smoothly.

Perfect Nude Lip Update: I am still using the same products for the perfect nude lip but have added one product and one step to the process. (Step 1~concealer). So, the new and improved Perfect Nude Lip is below, with a link to every product and where to buy.

Step 1: Concealer as Base

This step adds another element to the wow factor of the perfect nude lip. A covering of concelear (or foundation in a pinch) lightens lips and makes them a perfectly neutral palette for lip products. It also smooths fine lines and helps products adhere longer.

theBalm (photo above) in light is my go-to concealer. I’ve used for years and can’t find anything else that I like better. I buy several pots at a time from the Dermstore.

Step 2: Nude Lip Liner Outside the Lines

I use nude lip liner that is just a smidge darker than the lipstick, and I draw just outside the lip lines to create the illusion of bigger lips.

Sephora Collection Roughe Gel Lip Liner in 01 “The Nudest” (matte cool nude) or 02 “Nothin’ But Nude” (matte true nude) are my two faves. They are inexpensive, richly pigmented, and self sharpening.

Step 3: Nude lipstick inside the lines

Both of my nude lipstick faves are from Too Faced. I’ve tried myriad drugstore dupes and doubles, but I always come back to this brand and these two shades. The two are pictured below; click the arrows to scroll.

Both shades are creamy, rich nudes that look very similar but with different undertones. Naked Dolly is a pinkish nude; Nude Beach is a peachy nude.

The lipsticks are already a decent price point at $22 apiece. For first time purchases, you can get 20% off and 2 free samples here at TooFaced.com.

Step 4: Nude gloss to complete the look

The final step in the perfect nude lip is the gloss, and the two winners are pictured below.

  • Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in “White Russian.” This yummy, lip tingling pink nude gloss is my #1 fave and can be found at Ulta (here) or Sephora (here).
  • Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lip Gloss in “Far Out.” This gloss adds a shimmer of pink beige with gold pearl and can be found at Ulta (here) or Sephora (here)
  • Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in “Sugar” is my 3rd fave. It is VERY opaque and really makes lips look light (almost white) and dramatic. It is a neat look, but not as practical and elegant as the first two gloss choices. Buy Melted Sugar at Sephora (here) or Ulta (here).

I took two photos (below) of my lips after putting on the Nudest lip pencil, Naked Dolly lipstick, and White Russian gloss. What do you think? The photography isn’t the best, but hopefully it gives you a good idea.

I’d love to hear from any of you if you have any nude lip products that you love or if you just want to leave a comment saying hello:-) I simply love hearing from my readers.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy.