Celebrate Avocado Day with 3 Fab Recipes and a Freebie

If you want to celebrate National Avocado Day with 3 fab avocado recipes and a freebie, check out my recipes and get freebie details below!






I love avocados and love having National Avocado Day as an excuse to pull out 3 fab avocado recipes and make them in full celebration of this healthy, green, delectable fruit (yes it is a fruit~not a vegetable as I once thought:-).

Below are 3 of my family’s fave avocado dishes~two guacamoles and an avocado toast. They are all delicious and all easy to make~give or take a bit of chopping involved in the Dos Caminos’ guacamole.

As for the freebie, it is from Chipotle. On Tuesday, Julu 31st, Chipotle will throw in a side of guac FREE with any order. As we Chipotle fans know (and lament), guac is typically an upcharge. Tomorrow, though, it is on the house:-).

I’d love to hear from you if you make any of the recipes below! Even better, I’d love to hear from you if you have a fab avocado recipe YOU would like to share! Comments are welcomed and appreciated:-) As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Have a blessed,  joyful and savvy day!!!

3 Fab Fave Guacamole Recipes

Dos Caminos’ Fresh Guacamole Recipe is my favorite “real deal” guac. It takes fresh ingredients and a bit of chopping, but it is the Cadillac of guac in my opinion. The Dos Caminos’ Fresh Guac recipe is pictured below.

Dos Caminos' Fresh Guacamole Recipe




A family fave at my house is Jim’s Corn & Black Bean Guacamole. This fab gauc was created by my friend Jim Hill and shared with me by his wife Shea. This hearty, spicy guac turns 5-6 avocados into a party sized appetizer sensation.

Jim's Corn & Black Beam Guacamole


Hands down, one of my fave breakfasts is Avocado Toast on Dave’s Killer Bread. It is a lovely combination of a fresh, perfectly seasoned avocado spread served atop toasted, seed-laden bread.

Avocado Toast on Dave's Killer Bread

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