Christmas Ornament Wreath


This elegant silver and gold Christmas ornament wreath is an easy DIY project that took me less than two hours to make and cost less than $25 (thanks to Dollar Tree).

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Following a wonderful DIY tutorial here on LiveLoveDIY, I made this wreath in less than 2 hours and for less than $25. I am so pleased with myself:-)  I am NOT a DIY gal. (I can cook, but I can’t craft:-)   Most of my DIY projects don’t turn out well, but this one was an exception. I love my wreath and am thrilled with how it turned out!

This gold, silver, champagne metallic wreath is the perfect mirror decor to accent the large reclaimed wood mirror in my kitchen. It is just the pop of “glitz and glam” that my mirror needs to go with the neutral metallics holiday tablescape that I’ll pull together next week.

For step by step instructions, I referred to the tutorial on LiveLoveDIY. The process really is simple, and for young kids, this might be a fun project that they would enjoy. (It could even be a money making project for kids who are really ambitious:-)

Below are photos of my supplies and of the back of the wreath. As you can see, the ornament tops all have to be removed before gluing the ornaments onto the wreath. I suggest using needle nose pliars to save the tips of your fingers from getting cut.

Ornaments: My Dollar Tree had tons of really pretty metallic ornaments. I bought about 8 large tubes and 3 smaller tubes.  My Dollar Tree didn’t have the tiny ornaments in gold and silver, so I got those from Michael’s. You definitely need tiny ones to fill in the gaps.

Willow Wreath: I got the last willow wreath at Dollar Tree, but these are everywhere and are not at all expensive. Mine was about 10 or 12 inches in diameter. The finished wreath measures roughly 16″ in diameter.

Savvy suggestion: If I were doing this project again, I would spray paint the wilow wreath a metallic gold or champagne. This would make gaps less noticeable.

Christmas Ornament WreathHanging on a mirror: I used a plastic suction cup/wreath holder to adhere the wreath to the mirror. The ribbon is just taped to the top of the mirror; it is not holding the wreath up. The werath is too heavy and bulky to be attached by a ribbon.

I hope this inspires some of you to give this easy project a try! If so, please send feedback and pics of your finished product! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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