Creating a Welcoming Home for Family and Friends

In this episode of The SavvyCast, my guest Ruth McKeaney joins me to discuss her book, Hungry for Home: A Year Together at Hillside Farm. If you want inspiration and ideas for creating a welcoming home, this is a must-have book. Ruth also shares myriad recipes that are fabulous for family dinners to large-scale parties.

Hungry for Home
Ruth McKeaney at Hillside Farm

Some things we discuss in this episode:

  • Ruth and her husband’s years of experience in historic home “rehab” and flipping historic homes.
  • How Ruth and her family have renovated the historic Hillside Farm.
  • Beautiful and practical ways to decorate a home.
  • How to be intentional in decorating a space
  • How to turn cooking mistakes into humorous memories.
  • Ruth’s go-to paint colors (including a fabulous navy that I am obsessed with).
  • A few of Ruth’s favorite seasonal recipes.
  • How Ruth went from despising gardening to appreciating it.
  • Dove White (favorite neutral).
  • Van Deusen Blue (HC 156) fabulous navy.
Ruth McKeaney
Ruth McKeaney


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