Cute Costumes for Children & Dogs

Fall ushers in all sorts of occasions for dressing up, so here are a few of my favorite cute costumes for children & dogs who want to show up & show out:-)

cute costumes children & dogs

With my youngest being almost 16, my costume days (for children) are sweet memories. From Trunk or Treats (at church) to Fall Festivals (at school) to Trick or Treating (at a few friends’ homes), we’ve had more than our share of costumes for Fall fun.

My sweet & talented sister in law (who sews beautifully) shared many adorable costumes with my girls when they were babies & toddlers. But as they grew older, I had to search for ready made costumes, since I can’t sew and am not artistically talented:-(

Below are a few tips that I learned during my years of searching for cute costumes that were ready made and reasonably priced:

  • consignment stores~these are wonderful places to find affordable and adorable costumes. Many costumes that are consigned were made by talented moms who went “all out” in making one-of-a-kind costumes. I always started my search here and found some GREAT deals. Since consignment stores are seasonal, you’ll likely not find anything here until Fall.
  • thrift stores~these are another great option for finding great deals on cute costumes. Since thrift stores take what they get when they get it, you can shop for costumes here any time of year.
  • online~when buying online, I prefer ordering from amazon (free 2-day shipping on most items and easy returns) or from stores that are local (for easy and free returns if something doesn’t work). I’ve had great success finding costumes at Target, especially online (selection is larger).

Below are some of my favorite cute costume ideas, starting with children and finishing with dogs. To scroll through all the photos, click the arrows to the right or left of images, and hover over the image for pricing and where to buy.

Cute Costumes for Children:

Cute Costumes for Dogs:

For 2016, I dressed Cam in a Dollar Tree outfit! He didn’t mind at all, and he actually agreed to pose for a short video clip that I couldn’t resist sharing this year as well.

I’d love to hear from any of you who have ideas for cute costumes that you’d like to share! If so, please post in the comments below. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!