Doctor Recommended Foot Soak for Soft, Smooth Feet


This doctor recommended foot soak for soft, smooth feet is the personal “recipe” tested and approved by dermatologist Dr. Jo Herzog, who is happy to share her secret with us!

doctor recommended foot soak for soft, smooth feet


I was thrilled to be able to share this doctor recommended foot soak for soft, smooth feet that was given to me by my friend and dermatologist Jo Lynn Herzog. One of the perks of having a bestie who is a derm is getting insider info on what works~and what doesn’t~in the world of skin and beaut

Many of us have searched high and low for the best foot soak for feet. As I posted in Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak: Help or Hype, many of us tried the foot soak and found it soothing and pleasant, yet not quite up to the claim of “removing dry dead skin.”

Dr. Jo Herzog shares her “recipe” for maintaining soft feet in response to a reader’s question, shown below.

QUESTION: Dr. Herzog, I get a pedicure every 4-6 weeks, but the benefits wear off before my next pedi. What can I do to keep my feet soft and smooth in between treatments? Thanks so much! Jane from TN

Dr. Jo Herzog

Dr. Jo HerzogDear Jane,

After a pedicure, your feet do feel soft and smooth. Naturally, you want to keep them that way for awhile, especially now that spring is about to arrive and sandals will be pulled from the closet soon. Any time we spend money getting our feet pampered and pretty, we want the benefits to last. It is important, though, that we take care of our feet between treatments if we want to maintain the soft, smooth feet we get with a pedicure.

There are many products out there that can do this for you. If you do not have a lot of scaling, you might want to try Lac Hydrin or Am Lactin 12%. Using this every day as a moisturizer might do the trick.

For thicker, tougher, feet, you might try an occlusive therapy. I soak my feet in a bath and then apply Keralyt Gel (5% Salicylic Acid). I let it dry and then apply a thick moisturizer. Cutemol is one of my favorites, but is hard to find. If you can’t find Cutemol, you can use Cetaphil, Cerave, or one of many thick moisturizing creams. I used to say “cream in a jar,” but now many thick creams come in a tube. Just look for cream, not lotion. You can then put your feet in plastic bags, and put some socks over the bags. Keep this on for a few hours.

If you just had a pedicure and have smooth feet already, you might do well doing this weekly. If you have not had a pedicure and want to soften your feet, you can use this therapy several day in a row to start, and then go to weekly. Keep in mind that this is not a dramatic one-day peel that will remove dry skin immediately. This requires other products and procedures that we can discuss another time. This is more of a maintenance and will deliver real but more subtle results.

Hope this helps. Have a good week.

Dr. Jo

Note: The items recommended by Dr Jo are listed below. Scroll through by clicking on arrows.

 Listerine vinegar foot soakNote from Jamie:

Before (or in addition to) doing this foot soak, I suggest doing at least one exfoliating treatment with my fave product, Baby Foot (you can read about Baby Foot here).

Note: The treatment works best if socks are worn after application, so I do this at night before bedtime.

Hope this is helpful! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!!

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  1. If you use the Baby Foot, then do you wait till the process is complete to start using the keralyt and cutemol ? Or do you start with them while the skin peeling is going on?

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