Dr. Herzog Discusses Wrinkled Skin on Thighs

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IMG_1740Today, Dr. Herzog will answer the following question submitted by Family Savvy reader Vickie:

Dr. Herzog, I’m 59 years old.  The skin on my upper thighs is thin and slightly loose, leaving fine wrinkles. Lotion helps but does not eliminate the wrinkles.  I’m not ready to be old.  Is there a solution for this short of surgery?  

Dr. Jo Herzog


Without a photograph, it is hard to know exactly what you mean by “thin wrinkled skin on thighs,” but I am assuming you mean that your skin has less elasticity and is hanging loose a little more than it used to.  I think that loss of elasticity, leading to a wrinkly look, comes with age but can be exacerbated by sun damage.  Wearing sunscreen can prevent some of that progression, but we want do do something about the problem that we have now.

The skin on the thighs gets “old” just as does the skin on our face. If this area bothers you, it can be treated in a similar manner as the face. Just remember that most people have more skin on their thighs than on their face and will need more product to cover the area.

I would certainly use a retinoid, such as Retin A, to help rebuild some of the collagen and thicken up that skin. There are also creams that moisturize and help rejuvenate skin, such as Pro+Therapy MD’s Ultra Rich Night Repair. I have never had anyone use this on their thighs, but it contains growth factors Kinetin and Zeatin, which do very well with fine wrinkling and strengthening the skin.

It is possible that laser or a TCA peel could help in this area, but I would have to see and evaluate you before making such a recommendation.

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  1. Hi Zanele! I think that the best way to figure out anything related to skin/wrinkling is to see a dermatologist. He or she can look at them in person and give you their medical advice. Good luck!!!

  2. Why are my thighs so wrinkle?? They have been like that as long as I remember. I noticed when I was was 11 yes now I’m 27. Is there anything that can help me? Thanks

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