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Today, Dr. Herzog will address “seminars” that take place at many doctor’s offices, particularly her own. The invitation at left gives details of her upcoming seminar, to which all are invited.

Dr. Jo Herzog

I decided to write this post because someone that received an invitation to our upcoming seminar asked me about the “PARTY” that we were going to be hosting. I wanted it to be clear that there is a bit of a difference between a seminar and a party and thought that Family Savvy would be a good place to discuss with everyone.

What is a seminar?

In my practice, Brookwood Dermatology, a seminar is an educational event that is meant to teach our patients about something that we have or, more often, about a procedure that we perform in the office.

We have seminars to introduce our patient population and the community to things that they might not be aware of and to give  them the opportunity to see the procedure and to ask questions about it. There is nothing that matches being there and seeing something done and discussing it with the office staff and with the model that is having a procedure. All seminars do not have models and live demonstrations; some simply have photos and videos. Whenever possible, we like to have live demonstrations. Although the end result is not always visible at the time of the demonstration, the observer does get a chance to see how a procedure is done.

What do I do when there?

In most cases, we have a light lunch that you can start on when you arrive. We then have everyone sit down and listen to a talk about the topic of the day. When there is a large group and a demonstration is being done, we might divide everyone up and go to patient rooms to watch. Those that do not wish to watch can remain in the waiting room and relax.

Is there a charge?Why RSVP?

There is no charge for most physician office seminars. We never charge for ours. They are often sponsored by the company whose products we are showing. Because they are eager to market their products, there is usually some type of a special price on those products just on that day. Many times there might be a raffle or gift giveaway. There is never any pressure to purchase anything, as we are there to educate. We ask for RSVP as we have limited seating and also have to plan for lunches.

Our upcoming seminar: You’re Invited!

All are invited to our upcoming seminar on April 19th. This will be sponsored by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. This company has recently acquired several cosmetic lines including Sculptra, Restylane, Perlane, Dysport and my new favorite skin care line (you will be hearing more about this later) Pro+Therapy which focuses on a unique delivery system of plant based growth factors that penetrate to the levels of skin where they are released over twelve hours to keep on working.

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