Easy, Mouth-Watering Summer Recipes from the Best Cook I Know, Marie Marino


If you are finding yourself in a bit of a midsummer “cooking rut,” this episode is for you! My dear friend and amazing cook Marie Marino joins The SavvyCast to share her favorite easy, mouth-watering summer recipes. 

Episode At A Glance:

This week on The SavvyCast, I am joined by my longtime friend and fabulous cook, Marie Marino. Marie is no stranger to The SavvyCast, and in this episode, she shares some of her favorite summer recipes. If you are in a “dinner rut,” hearing about these light, delicious, flavorful recipes will leave you feeling inspired and heading for your kitchen! 

Who Is Marie Marino? 

Growing up in the Deep South and also being a part of a large Italian family, food has always been at the center of Marie Marino’s life. From Sunday lunches and big holiday celebrations to barbecuing at the lake or simply enjoying a cheese board before dinner — all of these times have been and continue to be opportunities to savor moments together! She loves spending time with family and friends and her passion is showing love to others through serving them delicious food. Her mission is to share recipes, along with tips and tricks to help simplify the process of preparing and serving good food. She loves to encourage others to show up for the people in their life that they can care for. And if you show up with food that is even better!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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