Ellie Hiller of Vulcan Nutrition Talks Meal Prep + Making My Recipes Healthier

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of my very favorite guests, my daughter Ellie Hiller! Ellie shares her wisdom as a certified nutrition coach on topics such as meal prep, fitness, and more! 

Episode At A Glance: 

For anyone looking to make a lifestyle change or just incorporate some more healthy habits, this episode is for you! This week on The SavvyCast, my daughter Ellie Hiller shares her experience and wisdom as a certified nutritionist. She explains her three-part criteria for healthy meal prep and dispels food and weight loss myths. Additionally, Ellie shares how she helps her clients make sustainable, effective lifestyle changes. Finally, Ellie’s client Anna Rogers joins us to share her journey with Ellie over the last few months and the “non-scale” changes she has seen.

Who Is Ellie Hiller?

Besides being my daughter, Ellie Hiller is also a certified nutrition coach at Vulcan Nutrition in Birmingham, Alabama. Before becoming a nutrition coach, Ellie received her RN/BSN from Samford’s Ida B Moffet School of Nursing. Ellie describes her ideal client as anyone without a preexisting medical condition who wants to improve their health. She takes each client on a highly personalized journey to a lifestyle change that is effective and sustainable.

Questions We Answered In This Episode:

  • What is your background in nutrition?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is the secret to successful meal prep?
  • Does heavy lifting cause women to “bulk up”?
  • How can I participate in Vulcan Nutrition’s challenge?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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