Let’s Talk: The Family Savvy Cooking School

In this episode of The Savvycast, Iris O’Brien and I share how the Family Savvy Cooking School will help anyone learn the foundational culinary skills needed to become a confident home chef.


What is the Family Savvy Cooking School?

Many of you asked for a Family Savvy cooking course, and with the help of my friend Iris O’Brien, this will soon be a reality.  In the next few months, courses will be made available to help anyone master the skills of cooking and become a chef at home.

Iris O’Brien, a culinary expert who has worked for publications such as Southern Living and Cooking Light cookbooks, joins me on The SavvyCast to talk about how we are working to make our dream of a cooking school a reality.  Iris has been working alongside me for months to create this cooking course for people who want to have confidence in the kitchen but don’t want to spend the time or money on going to culinary school. We are bringing the restaurant into your own home!

Iris O'Brien
Culinary Trained Chef Iris O’ Brien

What will be taught in the Family Savvy Cooking School? 

  • Knife Skills and Kitchen Safety– Learn the different types of knives and how to safely use them. I’ve had my fair share of kitchen injuries, and it’s almost always a knife who is the culprit.
  • How to Make Stocks– It’s so important to know how to create delicious stocks and always have some on-hand. You will thank yourself later for this!
  • How to Master Soups- Knowing how to make a flavorful soup is key, and you’ll leave this course knowing how to make a perfect soup.
  • How to Make Mouth-Watering Sauces– Iris is a saucier, and creating sauces is her specialty. You will have the opportunity to learn from the best of the best! Personally, this is the section of the course that I’m most looking forward to. We will learn all about the 5 “mother sauces” as well as the “daughter sauces.” 

caramel sauce

Here are the 5 Mother Sauces:




4.Tomato Sauce


Here are a few examples of Daughter Sauces:

1. Demi-Glace

2. White Wine Sauce

3. Mornay



If this doesn’t make sense now, then that is perfectly okay! You will learn all of this and more through the course. Stay tuned for more information to be announced about the cooking course. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@family_savvy) for any updates on when the cooking course will be open!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Rodney Scott’s Vinegar BBQ Sauce Copycat Recipe 

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  1. How exciting for you both! The class sounds great! I’ll be looking for more information.

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