Family Savvy’s Best Gifts and Stocking Stuffers (for Him and Her)

Make Christmas shopping easy with Family Savvy’s picks for the best gifts and stocking stuffers for him and her.

Family Savvy Gift guide 2020
Family Savvy Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers for him & her

Gifts for Her

Below are my picks for the best Christmas gifts for 2020. Since many of us prefer shopping in the comfort of our own homes, everything that I am sharing can be purchased online for delivery to your home. All of my gift suggestions can be linked to below.


Stocking Stuffers for Her

With the help of some savvy girls and young women whom I polled, I rounded up some of the best “stocking stuffers for her.” I share a few of the items in the short video below. A more extensive list with links is below.

My favorite earrings that I shared in the video can be ordered by visiting @julianamayd on Instagram. Juliana is a precious young wife and mama (to two boys) who is building a thriving business on the side. Her earrings literally are amazing, and I hope you will visit her Instagram~@julianamayd~ to see what you think!!!

Gifts for Him

Below are some top picks for gifts for guys and men. I link to all of them in the grid below, but I want to start by linking to a 2020 favorite~an executive nail kit here from This kit contains the tools needed to keep nails clean and healthy, and the Men & Nails website has tutorials helping men understand how to use the tools. 

I am gifting this to the men in my life, as it is both practical and upscale. The kits come in 3 shades of leather lined with suede. Use code Savvy30 to receive 30% off between now and December 31.

men and nails kit
Men & Nails Executive Nail Kit


men & nails kit
Nail implements + additional grooming tools


Now for more gifts for men! Link to all of my favorites below.


I hope that you find the perfect gift(s) for everyone on your Christmas list! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed, and savvy day!!!


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