The Faster Way to Fat Loss Program That You Should Follow

Let’s talk about Faster Way to Fat Loss with my coach (and friend) Deanna.

faster way to fat loss

My Faster Way to Fat Loss Experience

I joined Faster Way to Fat Loss in September 2018 just before Labor Day. I was in the first FWTFL class that Deanna led, so we decided to do a podcast at the one-year mark. If you want to learn WHY I joined FWTFL, go to this blog post.

If you’d like to see how FWTFL improved my health (with before & after bloodwork), I share it all in this post. If you’d like to join FWTFL with Deanna, you can do that here

What’s New and Improved With Faster Way to Fat Loss

They have made some changes since I took it last year, and they are really great ones. I’ll bullet point some of the most significant ones below.

Prep Week is Longer

  • Prep week (old) is now 4 weeks (new) of easing into the FWTFL program.
  • Week 1 is dedicated to Whole Foods and Intermittent Fasting. 
  • Week 2 focuses on tracking macros.
  • The 3rd week focuses on carb cycling for the FWTFL low-carb days.
  • Week 4 is dedicated to the FWTFL mindset. Non-scale victories. Progress over perfection 

Workouts are Easier and Better

The FWTFL digital library has improved since I took it one year ago.  Today, there is a larger variety of workouts. Barre. Boxing. Yoga. The live workouts make it easy to get your exercise in whether at home or on the road.

Meal Plans are Included

This is probably one of the most significant improvements for those who don’t love to cook or make grocery lists.

The new FWTFL program provides weekly meal plans and shopping lists. This is a huge time saver and added bonus for those who want fast, easy, delicious meals for the appropriate days (low carb days and regular macro days).

What Is the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program?

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is the leading online resource for fitness and nutrition advice. It teaches customers how to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle using strategies like intermittent fasting, carb cycling, macro tracking, whole-food nutrition, deliberate exercise, and a positive outlook.

If you want to join FWTFL, Deanna’s next round is on September 23. You can learn more or sign up here. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed, and savvy day!!!

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