Francie Outlaw: How Her Story and Resources are Helping Young Moms Everywhere


This week, Francie Outlaw joins The SavvyCast to share how the tragic loss of her son John Haven lead her to create learning resources for toddlers. Her strong faith and passion for teaching are sure to inspire! 

Episode At A Glance: 

In this episode, Francie Outlaw joins me to discuss the story of her baby boy John Haven who had trisomy 18, how her faith carried her through this tragic loss, and what the grieving process has looked like for her family. Additionally, she shares how this experience led her to create learning resources for toddlers. 

Who Is Francie Outlaw?

Francie Outlaw and her husband Matt live in Birmingham, Alabama with their three boys Mills, Saylor, and James. In addition to being a mother to her precious boys, Francie is an “unintentional influencer” when it comes to all things motherhood and family. She runs a successful blog and social media accounts and is the creator of Toddler Learning Resources. Francie hopes to aid parents and grandparents in teaching their children and grandchildren about numbers, the alphabet, and more. 


Questions Answered In this Episode:

  • What is trisomy 18?
  • How did it affect your marriage?
  • What has been helpful to you through this grief process?
  • How do you continue remembering and celebrating your baby boy?
  • What does your life look like today as a mom?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Connect With Francie Outlaw:

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