Hair Extensions: The Easiest Way to Add Length & Volume to Hair


Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length and volume to hair~ without breaking the bank or spending hours in a salon!

Hair extensions have been popular for more than a decade and are not just a beauty splurge for the rich and famous. Many women wear them~but some prefer to keep it a secret (obviously I am not in that camp:-).

my hair extensions

Over the years and especially recently, my hair has become thinner and more fragile. On more than one occasion, I’ve had stylists suggest that I add a few extensions for volume, but I’ve never wanted to spend the time or money involved.

Many stylists do elaborate, time consuming extensions that take hours (i.e. the weave-in method) and actually have a contract that the client must sign agreeing to all the terms and expenses (which are quite steep). Who has time for that? Not me or anyone in my circle, that’s for sure:-)

For the simple, practical person like me, easihair is the best of both worlds. My friend and hair stylist Kim Laslo introduced me to easihair extensions~the ones used by stylists at Vestavia Hills Life Spa. She showed me how easily the extensions could be put in and how huge a difference they could make in improving the look of my damaged hair.

Since Kim had a box on hand that matched my hair color perfectly, I decided to give them a try, and I must say, I LOVE them. Zane loves them too and says they make my hair look much healthier. Once after I had taken them out, he asked me where they were and when I was getting them put back in:-).

The cost of easihair extensions if considerably less than most other types and brands of extensions. The breakdown of easihair extensions is as follows (prices may vary based upon salon):

  • initial purchase of hair: $150 per box of extensions (I bought 2 boxes)
  • routine maintenance: $120 as needed to remove and reapply*

Easihair hair is real and lasts roughly a year or longer. I’ve had my same hair for more than a year, and it is still in wonderful shape.

*Routine maintenance is based on hair growth and personal preference. As hair grows longer and further away from the scalp, it can get caught and snagged during styling and needs to be removed and reinserted close to the scalp. I get mine readjusted every 6-8 weeks.

Hair color: Easihair extensions do not have to be removed for hair coloring or highlights.

Smoothing treatments: Easihair extensions do have to be removed for smoothing treatments (i.e. Kenra smoothing or Brazillian Blowout). (Read about my favorite smoothing treatment here.)

Cut and styling: Easihair extensions can be cut, washed & styled just as you do your regular hair.

Time factor:

  • Initial application of hair: 15-30 minutes depending upon how much hair and speed of the sylist.
  • Removal and reinsertion of extensions: It takes less than 45 minutes for me to get all of my extensions taken out, reglued, and reapplied. Again, it can vary based on specific factors.

The video clip below shows my stylist Kim putting an easihair extension into my hair:

Below is a short clip showing the difference in my hair on one side (with easihair) and the other (without easihair). The biggest difference is in the volume of my hair, although the extensions do add some length as well.

Here are a few other photos….

Easihair extensions
Before easihair extensions
Easihair extensions
Easihair put in (but not yet cut or styled)
easihair extensions
Hair after extensions, cut & style
easihair extensions
easihair  curled with an iron



















If you read this and have any questions about the process, feel free to email me or ask in the comments section of the post. Thanks so much for stopping by! Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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  1. So informative! The before-and-after photos really showcased how transformative hair extensions can be. Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping others feel more confident with their hair!

  2. LOVE how it turned out. I just sent a text to Kim (after finding her online but before seeing and reading your story) to find out about getting these in my hair. My poor hair is thin, fine, limp and lifeless and grows at a snail’s pace. I would love to have these put in and cut and styled.. yours look fabulous!

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I really enjoyed your information and review on easihair pro extensions. A couple of years ago I use to wear easihair pro 16in tape- in extensions. I truly loved them especially because my hair is so thin and these extensions are light weight, not heavy and the tape is less noticeable, not heavy like Dream Catchers.
    My dilemma is since I moved from (So.Calif) to Las Vegas. I did finally find a good hair stylist that does great job with hair extensions, and color. However he only uses and is a big advocate for dream catchers which I have in now(and do not like). The only way I can get back to getting easihair pro extensions is switching hair stylist (this is per what customer support at Easihair told me) since they only sale to professional stylist at which they are required to take their course to register and then be able to buy. Do you have any suggestions or advice? I would be so grateful.
    Thank you, Lynn Reilly

  4. Great question, and I asked my hairdresser, Kim. She said that Easihair does NOT come in curly. She has curly hair and has to use another brand. Good luck finding one that works for you!!!

  5. i have curly hair. do they have extensions for curly hair and if i want to straighten my hair with a flat iron, will the curly extensions straighten and then go back to curly when i wash it, like my hair will?

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