Sweet and Spooky Healthy Halloween Treats You Will Love

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Who said Halloween treats had to be filled with sugar? These five spooky snacks are fuss-free, guilt-free, and full of fun! 

If you are looking for festive recipes that are healthy and easy to make you will absolutely “fallin love with these! Each of these sweet snacks can be whipped up in just a few minutes. These simple recipes are great for anything from a festive after-school snack for kids or a fall dinner party. Kids and adults will surely love the spooky presentation!

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Can Halloween Treats Be Healthy? 

While I love sharing sugary treats on special occasions, I also love having lighter, healthier options. By serving healthy holiday recipes, I can enjoy festive foods more often and for longer! While these snacks may look spooky, there is nothing scary about the ingredients inside! 

What Are Some No-Fuss Spooky Snacks? 

I love holiday treats that look special, but require almost zero prep time! Bonus points if they are no-bake! These five snacks come can be made in just a few minutes, but your guests will be so impressed at your creativity. My five favorite fall Halloween treats are: 

  1.  Vomiting Jack’O’Lantern 
  2. Cheese Fingers 
  3. Spooky Hummus 
  4. Mummy Dogs 
  5. Clementine Pumpkins 

1. Vomiting Jack-O-Lantern

A vomiting Jack-‘O-Lantern makes a grand presentation, and is a favorite of kids, especially little boys! To assemble your sick jack-o-lantern, simply place a bowl of guacamole inside a carved pumpkin. Tip the bowl over so the guacamole spills out of the mouth and onto the platter below. All need is are tortilla chips and you have the perfect Halloween hors d’oeuvre! 

2. Cheese Fingers

These cheese fingers are great to set out in a spread or pack in a lunchbox! I bought these fake mummy fingers from Target, and simply trimmed the top of a cheese stick to slide them on top of!  

3. Spooky Hummus 

Candy eyeballs were another great Target find, and you can get them at party stores as well. To spruce up plain hummus, I just popped two candy eyeballs in the dish, and voila! Plain hummus is now a fall treat! To make this snack even more festive, I bought Boar’s Head pumpkin spice hummus and served it with a gingery Biscoff cookie. However, you can use whatever hummus and dipping options you prefer! 

4. Mummy Dogs 

Candy eyeballs really do make any snack a spooky one! I transformed Nathan’s Kosher Bagel Dogs into mummy dogs by placing two candy eyes at the top of the bagel dog. 

5. Clementine Pumpkins

halloween treats 2

This treat is Mimi’s- Zayne’s mom- favorite! She has been making these sweet little pumpkins for years, and you will surely love how easy they are! For the base of your pumpkin, simply peel a clementine and then pop a piece of celery in the top for a stem. They could not be easier or cuter! 

How Can I Make A Spooky Spread?

One of my favorite parts of these snacks is the fabulous presentation they all make! After you have made any or all of these recipes, all you need are a few accessories to make this a full-blown spooky spread! If I am making these for a party, I love to add a few decor items to the spread to make it extra special! I love decorating with mini pumpkins!

Watch Me Make A Sweetly Spooky Spread:

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I’d love to hear how you serve these easy treats in the comments below. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!



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