Hello to Spring and Some of My Favorite Things!


Hello friends and hello Spring! Here are some of my favorite things…….from art to drink wear to athleisure and more (even a prebiotic)!

My favorite art~Spring collection.

Debra Hewitt Art
My new favorite piece of Debra Hewitt Art

My favorite artist happens to be my best friend. You can hear about her and her FABULOUS art in this episode of The SavvyCast podcast.  In the short Instagram story video below, you can see the stunning new piece that I have from Debra Hewitt Art. (Note: if you want to see day-to-day happenings (cooking, shopping, etc…)  please follow me here on instagram)!

Take a prebiotic daily.

I’ve been reading lately about the importance of prebiotics, and I learned a LOT by listening to this audible version of Fiber Fueled, a book on gut health by a gastroenterologist. One takeaway is that a prebiotic is necessary for probiotics to work, so Zane and I are adding one to our coffee every morning. See below what our new lineup is for our “cup o’ jo!” If you aren’t taking a prebiotic, start today! Add to coffee; you can’t taste it one bit!!!

prebiotic oat milk
Best new coffee fixings!

My Vietri “white dot” flutes.

I’ve had many requests from Insta friends (follow me here on @family_savvy) for links to my Vietri white dot drinkware, so I am sharing that below. I am a fan of “white on glass” so couldn’t resist the lovely and unique champagne flutes. These can be used as a lovely display in a china cabinet, or they make perfect flutes for any beverage.

My Spring wardrobe faves.

I love Athleta!!! It is my favorite athleisure brand. Last week, I went and tried on a ton of things for Spring, which I share with you below. I’ve tried on all of these and indicated sizing tips. The best thing about Athleta is that it is figure-flattering and can be dressed up or down.  My closet has more Athleta than most any other brand lol!


Family Savvy Cooking School Coming Soon!

I am SO excited to be nearing the launch of my very own cooking school! I am building this with the help of my friend Iris, a culinary trained chef and former Southern Living/Cooking Light recipe developer. If you want to get a sneak peek into why we started this and what it will entail,  you’ll find it here in the podcast and show notes.

I hope you all are staying safe and well. Spring is upon us, so I’ll be sharing Easter food and decor tips on @family_savvy Instagram and here on the blog. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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  1. Question: Does the oatmeal creamer break your morning fast?
    I’m looking forward to trying the probiotic.
    Thanks, Mary

  2. I love watching you. Thanks so much for sharing your great recipes. Just wondering….where did you get your iPad stand? I bet in comes in handy for recipes. I’d love to get one.

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