Here are My 4 Favorite Things on October 4

4 things that I am loving this week are: party ready baked ziti, white wavy (scalloped) bowls, budget friendly snakeskin looks, and the Enneagram 9 (podcast).


What is the weather like where you live? We are burning up here in Alabama LOL. Seriously….it is next level hot. WHEW!!! Dressing seasonally is quite the challenge. Anyway, on to faves for the week:-)


Here are 4 Favorite Things  I’m Loving on October 4

White Scalloped Bowls.

 I’ve never seen a white scalloped bowl that I didn’t love. Since they tend to be hard to find, I snatch them up whenever I see them.  I shared the vegetable medley (pictured below) on my instagram story this week and got a handful of DM’s asking, “where did you get the bowl?”  

white wavy scalloped bowl


You can get the bowl here and link to similar ones below.  I have (and use) every bowl linked to below. They are great for serving food and for holiday decor. 

Snakeskin for the Win

I’ve had so much feedback about my snakeskin blouses~ this one that is $425 and this one that is $280. Yes, they are pricey. To justify, I had a ton of Saks points that were about to expire (I racked them up buying dresses for our August wedding). And I will wear these ALL the time (already have).  But for those who asked for less expensive snakeskin, I found a few things below.

The Enneagram Type 9.

Known as “The Sweetheart of the Enneagram,” I now consider the 9 a favorite personality type.  If you want to learn about an Enneagram 9,  this episode of The SavvyCast podcast is a great listen.  If you want to hear a snippet, listen below. If you want to choose from all The SavvyCast episodes, go to the podcast page here.

Best Baked Ziti for a Crowd

Do you love having “dinner in the freezer” to fall back on for parties, holiday gatherings, or when a family you love needs a meal? This “Best Baked Ziti for a Crowd” is one of my most popular recipes. Here’s why you might want to check it out.

Best Baked Ziti Ever

  1. It is easy to make. You basically brown meat, simmer in (jarred) spaghetti sauce, boil pasta, and layer all of this with several cheeses (ricotta, provolone, mozzarella, parmesan). 
  2. It is freezer friendly. My mantra is “cook & freeze for entertaining ease.” Back in the old days, it was “a chicken in every pot.”  Today, it can be “baked ziti in the freezer.” If you don’t know how to freeze, it is EASY~and I share how in a quick video on the recipe page.
  3. It makes a crowd sized portion. My recipe makes two large casseroles, perfect for “make one/freeze one.” You can also divide into smaller sizes if you want to meal prep.
  4. People love it. Every time I serve this, folks rave. Ask for the recipe. Go back for seconds. It is comfort food 100%.

There you have it, friends~4 of my fave things for this October 4! Keep in touch; I LOVE hearing from you! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvvy!!!

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