Here are The Best Drugs For Parkinson’s Disease Patients

In part 2 of The SavvyCast podcast on Parkinson’s Disease, Dr. Mike Vaughn shares the best drugs for PD patients, including prescription and one OTC supplement.

Dr. Mike Vaughn Latest Parkinson’s Disease Research 

Since diagnosing his own PD, Dr. Vaughn has spent countless hours researching medical abstracts, studies, and journal publications. This podcast specifically addresses the best choices for high blood pressure meds, statins, depression, and sleep.

Dr. Mike Vaughn

The Best High Blood Pressure Medication for Parkinson’s

Dr. Vaughn recommends Telmisartan for anyone with PD who has HBP. Based on his research, Dr. Vaughn takes Telmisartan for its purported PD benefits, even though he does NOT have HBP.

The Best Statin for Those With Parkinson’s Disease 

Based on Dr. Vaughn’s research, he recommends two specific statins, either lipitor or zocor. Again, he does not have high cholesterol but takes one of these statins for its possible benefits for his PD.

The Best Over the Counter Supplement for Parkinson’s Disease 

Dr. Vaughn considers melatonin is literally a miracle drug. Inexpensive. Over the counter. Inflammation fighting. He discusses in the podcast how it helps the brain “clean itself” at night.

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