Here is a Roundup of Family Savvy Favorites for the Month of May.


Here is a roundup of Family Savvy favorites for the month of May. Enjoy!!!!

appetizer crab claws
Seafood is on the menu in May.

The SavvyCast in May

Here is a roundup of my podcast episodes releaased in May. There is as usual a range of topics, so I hope you find something that you find interestiong or helpful.

Hungry for Home
Hungry for Home: A fave book and podcast with the author.

Some of my favorite things.

Below are some of my favorite things (and some things I get asked about most on instagram). You’ll find my Athleta faves, some of my go-to cute & comfy shoes, and more.

Some recipes from “under the sea.”

Seafood in the summer is fabulous. Below are some of my go-to recipes for crab and scallops. I hope you’ll give one or more of these a try!!!

In the short video below, I show how easy it is to steam large crabs.

Cocktail sauce is a MUST with seafood (at least at our house). Cocktail sauce is one thing that I will never buy “already prepared.” Homemade is so easy and so much better!!!If you want to see how to make cocktail sauce (no recipe needed), watch the short video below! 

A puppy is on the horizon.

On a happy note, I am on a list for a puppy golden doodle that should come home with me in 4 weeks. Although I am still grieving over Cam, my heart is ready to love another dog. Stay tuned for photos to come! As always, I appreciate all of you who follow Family Savvy. You are simply the best.

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