How Hair Extensions, Toppers, and Wigs are Life-Changing for Women and Men

On this episode of The SavvyCast, I welcome my friend and hairdresser of over 10 years, Kim Laslo, to talk about options for thicker and fuller hair for both men and women. From hair extensions to toppers to wigs and more, Kim walks us through each of these options to help those with thinning hair or baldness.

my hair extensions
My hair extensions

What you’ll find in this episode:

Options for women with thinning hair:

  1. Clip-In Hair Extensions: you put these in and remove them as you please.
  2. Tape-In Extensions: you have these put in and lifted regularly by a stylist.
  3. Toppers: you put this on and take it off yourself. Kim and I even discuss the differences between toppers and wigs.
hair bonding for men
Hair bonding for male baldness

Options for men and women with no hair

 Hair Bonding

Bonding is an innovative process whereby hair can be custom-designed and bonded directly onto the scalp. Kim gives all the details about bonding and how it works.

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