How I Love to Style Camo for a Sophisticated Look

Here are a few ways that I love to style camo for a sophisticated look that is perfect for women 50 or older.

wear camo over 50
Cam loves Camo too:-)

Why I am sharing these style tips

I usually write about food or share recipes, but I love to throw in some style tips, especially for women in my age group~the FAB 50’s! When I post on my instagram stories, I try to look at what questions are asked more than once. I’ve received myriad requests for links to my camo shirts, so I decided to do this style post!

Would you wear camo over 50?

If you are in your 50’s, would you wear camo, or is it out of your comfort zone? In my opinion, women over 50 can wear almost anything with a few tips and tricks. I love to style camo, and I think we mature women can style it for a sophisticated look that isn’t too young or trendy looking.

How I Love to Style Camo

I love camo and have several pieces that I wear often. In this post, I am mixing a few looks with two camo button blouses, a pair of camo ankle boots, and a pair of camo earrings. There are so many other great camo pieces from dresses to leggings to skirts and more. These are just a few of the looks that I love, and I think that they can look great on any woman in her 50’s. 

over 50 camo style
Camo shirt, camo ankle boots, long purple cardi & brown belt

My 2 secrets for making camo look sophisticated.

We women 50 and older CAN wear camo and look not only sophisticated, but age appropriate! There are so many cute ways to add a touch of camo to an outfit and look perfectly fabulous~no matter what your age. I have two secrets for making camo look a bit more mature and sophisticated.

  • Add a Gucci belt. One of my favorite ways to add a touch of sophistication to camo (or any outfit for that matter) is to throw on a Gucci belt. I bought my first one~the classic double G black~ a few years ago. Because I wore and loved it so much,  I purchased this brown one to switch things up a bit. I love having these belts to uplevel anything~from jeans and a tee to skirt and sweater and more. 
  • Throw on a cardigan sweater. Sweaters are great; you can’t have too many if you are a “mature woman.” Why? First, many of us (myself for sure) are often cold. Having a sweater on hand is always a good idea. Second, a sweater adds a mature look to trendy patterns. It tones them down for those who don’t want to go all out.

If you want a Gucci belt at a bit of a discount, you can get it. I share how in this post~ How to Save Big Money Every Time With This Shopping Hack. I bought both my belts using Rakuten and got $80 cash back on both. I also got Saks points as well.

camo style women over 50
Camo blouse & boots with black cardi and brown belt

Camo can be mixed

If you find the right pieces, you can actually mix more than one camo pattern in an outfit. When I found these fabulous camo boots, I wore them the first night with this camo shirt and got so many compliments. I also have several pairs of camo earrings from @julianamayd that I also wear with my casual camo outfits. 

camo style women over 50
camo shirt & earrings


Camo accessories are quite versatile.

When I first saw these camo ankle boots that I am wearing in the photos,  I fell in love with them. My friend Cindy bought them, and I wanted a pair also. Because of the heel, I feared they might not be comfy, but I was wrong. I have worn these for 4-5 hours with no issues at all. I am thinking about ordering these camo wedges for super fun and casual outfits. 

One of my favorite jewelry brands is @julianamayd, and I have 2 pairs of camo earrings that I wear ALL the time. If you love custom jewelry (at reasonable prices) that is kind to the ear lobes, this brand is for you.

My Cam is shown sporting a touch of camo with his bandana lol. I get all of his “about town” neck wear at Hobby Lobby for $.99 apiece. He loves matching his mama, so when I wear camo~he wears camo haha.

How to get this look

I’ve sent links to these 2 blouses many times through my instagram DM; they are a fave of my insta friends:-) If you have some great camo pieces that you’d like to share with us, please mention them in the comments of the post (along with where to buy). As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed, and savvy day!!!

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  1. Hi Bobbi! I try to link to every piece that I show on the posts, but I could not find the purple cardigan. I bought it about a year ago from Nordstrom; it is a Leith. You might find similar items if you google “long cardigan.” I hope this helps! XoXo

  2. Hi Judy, oh I LOVE camo leggings and have some from Nordstrom (Spanx). I’ll bet it is the same you have!! Black is my fave too; it is very forgiving:-) And I love dogs in bandanas! Thanks for leaving your thoughts!! Blessings to you!! XoXo

  3. I l love camo too! I have a couple pair of camo leggings (I think from Nordstrom?) and I always get compliments when I wear them. I don’t wear belts any longer so I style mine with either a basic black tee and add camo earrings to tie the look together. I also have a camo vest I’ve worn with just black leggings and black tops (I love black clothes – lol)!

    I need to pick up a couple of those bandanas for my pup….he’s a miniature schnauzer and would look so cute with one!

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