How Larissa Wohl Uses Her Platform to Promote Animal Rescue and Adoption

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Calling all animal lovers! In this episode, fellow Great American Community member Larissa Wohl shares how she uses her platform to promote animal rescue and adoption.

Episode At A Glance:

In this episode of The SavvyCast, I am joined by the amazing Larissa Wohl to discuss animal rescue and adoption. Larissa is a fellow member of the Great American Community and uses her television platform to advocate for animals. She strives to inspire and educate others on how they can contribute to this cause by donating, fostering, and adopting. Here Larissa shares how she stays positive even when circumstances are difficult, what her work at GAC looks like, how others can get involved in animal rescue, and so much more!   

Who Is Larissa Wohl?

Larissa Wohl is originally from Los Angeles, California. She has worked in multiple news markets along the west coast, doing everything from MMJ reporting to producing and anchoring. In 2015, her passion for philanthropy and animals led her to Hallmark Channel, where she hosted, produced, and entertained viewers on their daily morning show, Home & Family.

Questions Answered In This Episode: 

  • How do you stay positive in your mission to rescue and adopt animals when you see
    things that are so difficult?
  • For those who want to help, how can they help and what organizations can they reach
    out to?
  • How does fostering help both the organization and the animal?
  • Is it better to adopt pets that are siblings?
  • What kind of content does Larissa share on the GAC app?
  • What are some organizations that you would recommend people donate to?
    o Casa Transport in Nashville
    o Deity Animal Rescue Foundation in LA
    o Bissel Pet Foundation
  • What is one inspiring experience you have witnessed since being an animal

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:  

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