How to Be a Perfect Party Host: Tips from an Expert

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Learn how to be a perfect party host with tips from an expert~ Leslie Byars Register~who shares her entertaining advice on The SavvyCast podcast.

Who is Leslie Byars Register?

Leslie worked at Southern Living Magazine for almost a decade as a Senior Photo Stylist in the Foods Department. She has hosted thousands of guests in her own home, curated myriad themed parties and celebrations, and published her tried and true hostessing tips and crowd-pleasing recipes in Leslie’s Party Diaries, a must-have manual for the aspiring hostess.

Leslie's Party Diaries
A blueprint for entertaining + fabulous recipes!

Tips for the perfect party.

In her book and on the podcast, Leslie shares some savvy entertaining tips. Here are just a few:

  • Set the table a day or two before the party.
  • Plan in stages (shopping, cooking, decorating).
  • Chill water bottles of water ahead of time.
  • Always serve guests water at the table.
  • Serve new butter (never a used stick).
  • Have salt & pepper shakers readily available.
how to host party
Sterling and cloth napkins always:-)

Things Leslie Can’t Party Without

  1. A blowout. (From our mutual friend Chris Pressley, owner of Fringe SoHo Salon.)
  2. Good wine. Good is whatever you like; it doesn’t have to be expensive.
  3. Sterling silver. Leslie uses this for every occasion.
  4. Fresh flowers. 
  5. Tena Payne pottery.
  6. Cloth napkins. Ironing them is part of it; they are crucial.
  7. Candles. Unscented candles are best if near the food.
  8. Music. The #1 way to prevent “awkward silence.”
  9. Friends. The cornerstone of any good party.
  10. Her husband (Jon). Her grillmaster and biggest helper.
perfect party Leslie Register
Leslie’s beautifully appointed table.

Two Family Savvy Favorites

I love all of Leslie’s recipes, but two of my favorites are featured on the blog. Check them out below.

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