How to be Medically Prepared with Dr. Shawn Rowland from JASE Medical

Dr. Shawn Rowland, CEO and founder of JASE Medical, joins me to share about the importance of medical preparedness. 

Episode At A Glance: 

This week on The SavvyCast, Dr. Shawn Rowland joins me to share about his company JASE Medical. Dr. Rowland is the founder and CEO of JASE Medical, a company dedicated to medical preparedness. By creating JASE Medical, Dr. Rowland aims to make medications easily accessible for people in case of any medical shortages or emergencies. In this episode, he shares all about how JASE Medical works, what causes medical shortages, and so much more! 

Who Is Dr. Shawn Rowland? 

Dr. Rowland is a board-certified family medicine physician. He trained at academic institutions and community hospitals across the country and has extensive experience administering care to underserved populations. His experiences working on our Southern border during COVID-19 ultimately led him to form JASE Medical as a means of furthering his mission to empower everyone to be better prepared medically.

Outside of his work, Dr. Rowland, his wife, and 4 girls enjoy hiking and skiing in the mountains of northern Utah where they reside.

Questions Answered In This Episode: 

  • What is JASE Medical? How did it come to be?
  • How does JASE Medical work?
  • What caused medical shortages within the last few years?
  • How is JASE Medical making antibiotics and other medications easily accessible?
  • Why is it important to get a JASE Case or JASE Daily?
  • What changes need to be made so that medical production and shortages are no longer a national security concern?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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